Bodybuilders, gym rats I need your advice?

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Im 22 I have been working out since 15. and I workout often 4-5 days a week. all of my body parts are pretty well developed and I have a cut/diezel look. But what I have noticed more
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  • Miles answered 4 years ago
I would never do any lift behind my head (lat pull downs and military press) because it puts too much strain on your shoulders even for someone that stretches. The best way to make them more uniformed is to continue working out the different sides of the shoulders. If you want the size to increase then the workouts need to be focused around the higher weight lower rep routine. As far as reverse flys I would not make the machine as the primary exercise. It does not allow the secondary (stabilizing) muscles to activate and get a workout as well. I would use it as a secondary lift where you isolate that part of the shoulder.

Otherwise it looks good.

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Thanx I'll give it another few months and see if I get the results I want
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