Should the U.S. keep Israel as an ally?

It is a widely accepted fact that Israel has more enemies than any other nation in the Middle East. More Arab countries hate Israel than any other country outside the Americas. Is it smart to align ourselves with such a hated country? Is the risk of supporting them worth any reward we might receive from supporting them? What do we have to gain for being their allies? Do they provide ANY benefit to U.S. citizens?

Really, don't reply with any religious rants. I want to hear socioeconomic reasons why the United States should continue to put ourselves at risk by supporting Israel. This is only a "RISK vs. REWARD" discussion. What does Israel do for us? I am aware many Americans have family there, but that excuse is not good enough. Many Americans have family members in hundreds foreign countries and we can not afford to protect every country in the world. Our tax dollars should only protect those who pay U.S. income taxes. I want to know what makes it worth our loss safety to support Israel. If we stopped supporting Israel it would make our country safer from Islamic terrorists. Why should we continue to support them at our own peril? What do we have to gain?

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    Israel is the biggest supporter of the U.S. arms build-up and has greatly helped in developing technologies that protect American troops in the Middle East. Israel is also America's doorway into the Middle East if world supplies of oil drop. The Israeli intelligence community(Aman, Mossad, and Shn Bet) also provide America's intelligence agencies and armed forces with key intel on terrorist groups. My cousin works for Mossad and she said that she works closely with the CIA on locating members of terrorist cells in the Middle East and America. The primary mission of armed forces in the Middle East right now is as police and peace keepers, intel is vital for American forces. Also to say Arab countries will like is better if we leave Israel is not a sure thing. Politics is a messy business and we cannot be sure that radical terrorists will just go away. Many have lost family because of the fighting and will seek revenge in one form of another. If so, we will have lost the invaluable resources of Israel.

    Sorry it was so long. Got a lot of family there so I've done a lot of research on it.

  • Joe
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    Versus say the relationship between Jimmy Carter and Saudi Arabia.

    Even Egypt is building a wall and monitors the 9-mile border with Gaza 24/7 to keep Hamas out of their country.

    What does the US gain by giving billions to a variety of countries around the world?

    If you think giving up the relationship with Israel, where is the proof that it will make a difference in terrorist attacks around the world?

    If you believe that the US citizens have seen nothing in return for the relationship with Israel, then clearly, you have no concept of the level of technology that is coming out of that country.

    Who was the first country to send support personnel to Haiti? Israel.

    Your question shows that you have much to learn about the relationship between the two countries.

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    The US should ditch any connection with the Nazi state of Israel immediately. You can't continue with your blinkered approach to the human rights atrocities practised by them.

    Before you ask; I'm not anti-Jewish, neither am I Islamic - but these people are just a law to themselves, building on land that could never be theirs and abusing the true owners of the state of Palestine.

    The entire planet recognises the US as Israel's strongest ally, which is why continued support for them will increase your need to detach yourselves from the real world, increasing your political isolation.

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    We do not drop allies because they do things we don't like.

    Israel is an important ally in a region that is very volatile and not particularly fond of us.

    As long as we rely on fossil fuel, we will have Israel as an ally.

    Plus, candidates who do not support Israel have almost no chance of getting elected.

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    It replaced into the Hamas thugs who began it by technique of drawing first blood. their rocket attacks into southern Israel is taken gently by technique of the international community. it form of feels that they are condoning the Hamas attacks. Does it take for babies to die from those attacks by technique of Hamas to deliver the international community to it senses. If there is an end to this stupid attack, Hamas ought to stop the rocket attacks and if no longer Israel ought to annihilate them from the face of the Earth and alongside the way Palestinians stuck in the crossfire.

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    No. Israel is a waste of American dollars. We need to focus on home

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    No, Israel is not an ally of the US anyway

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    Are you serious? They have so much influence here it would be impossible.

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