High waisted skirts? Shoes? Tights?

I need help with gaining a better more dressy style..

I REALLY like the new high waisted skirts, with the elastic waist bands. I just don't really know where to get them. I've even looked online and there's not many places. I got two from Body Central in my local mall. But I have no shoes to wear them with. I really think some like ankle boots would be cute with them, like a black pair? I just don't know where to get some or even where to begin. I like tights, too. The whole new indie I guess kinda style. I'm just sick of jeans and tee shirts EVERY day. I don't mind them but I seem to be one of the only ones at my school who doesn't ever dress up.

Y'all should give me some links (: thank youuu!

7 Answers

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