college/university choice help?!?!?

im a junior in high school and i want to major in either business marketing or business finance in college. im looking foward to going to rutgers brunswick because its conviently located right near me and i know several students attending this school. first of all, should i try getting into the business school, or school of arts/sciences as a freshman? my highschool gpa is about 3.4 or 3.5 and the problem im worried about is that i never had any honors classes in my high school career yet, though im thinking bout takin a couple next year. ive taken taken algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, english 1, english 2, english 3, world cultures, us history 1/law, us history 2/economics, integrated science, biology, chemistry, graphic arts, and several culinary courses in highschool so far. i am planning to take business organization/management, entrepreneurship, personal finance, marketing, trigonometry/pre-calc, english 4, and physics next year as a senior. another problem i am facing is i failed algebra 2 last marking period (2) because my teacher is the biggest ***** ther is. first marking period i got about and 81 or 82 in that class. i usually get high C's to low A's in my classes. if i try then id actually be really smart. i tend to take major exams like finals and midterms and hspa's and SAT's seriously. i just took the SAT's last saturday on March 13th 2009 and ill get my scores back on April 1st. i plan to take the SAT again in june. i also plan on applying to NJIT.

i want to get my masters in business and rutgers is a better school than NJIT plus rutgers has a 5 year degree program if i get into the business school.

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    First of all, Rutgers is an outstanding school. That is a great first choice.

    You need to have a great SAT score. Take a prep course - it is really worth it. The largest companies that offer these are the Princeton Review and Kaplan - there are others. It will cost about $1,000.

    The 5 year program at Rutgers is world-class.

    Do you have any languages. All business is international. The major markets for the next 40 years will be China [Mandarin], Russia, India [Hindi], Brazil [Portuguese] and the rest of the Central and South American world [Spanish].

    when you are in college, if you take one course from a jerk, that is okay. If you take more than one, you are the jerk.

    If you find a great teacher, take all the courses from him/her that you can get.

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    Just about every accredited University has at least a good Math program. Program strength matters more at the graduate level than the undergraduate level. Pick a University or College that feels right to you because finding the college best for you is more important than going to an Ivy League School. You'll be very marketable with math degree no matter where you graduate from. Decide if you want to go to a small or large school first and a region of the country you want to study in. Then try to find a school that has the academic standards you are looking for. If you are looking for schools in math then I suggest looking at Tech and strong Engineering schools.

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