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Your opinion on USBM (United States Black Metal)?

I find the music quality in most USBM bands to be lacking, although there are a few good ones such as Xasthur (which is better then a lot of European bands coming out now days)

I find the best black metal in the United States is usually depressive black metal (Xasthur has a obvious influence from Funeral doom)


United States seems like a pretty depressing place especially if you live in a small town

Update 2:

I just don't like how some elitist put down USBM even if its good

I have seen people say they hate Xasthur just because he his American

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    I haven't heard much of it and I think the scene there is quite small compared to Death metal and Industrial. Probably as a result it hasn't had the chance to grow and become as good as the European stuff. Also I think the European stuff is better on a personal level - they sing often in European languages and use European mythology (Arckanum, Burzum, Dark Funeral).

    > "I find the best black metal in the United States is usually depressive black metal"

    Ya this is true I think. Look at Black Funeral; they're kinda the Darkthrone of America (almost) and their music is really moody and depressing (yet on par with the Euro stuff).

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    Host are the best thing in USBM, followed closely by Averse Sefira, but its a pretty lame scene to be honest. Its got nothing on the French scene.

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    I like a fair bit of USBM. my favs are Wolves in the Throne Room and Weakling. If it's good music, it doesn't matter where it's from, for me.

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  • Anonymous
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    Well my favorite USBM band is Imperial Crystalline Entombment.

    I'd say they are rather good.

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    melodeath/scandinavian/gothenburg metal > black/blackened death/funeral/funeral doom/ambient doom/doom doom/ambient black/black doom metal AKA "garbage" ANY DAY!!!

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