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Agree or Disagree?+WQ?

-Agree or Disagree.

1. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26 will not be as entertaining as their match at Wrestlemania 25. Agree or Disagree.

2. Raw having Celebrity Guest Hosts each week is a desperate attempt for higher ratings and new viewers. Agree or Disagree.

3. Triple H wouldn't be successful in the WWE if it weren't for his marriage to Stephanie McMahon. Agree or Disagree.

4. TNA moving their show to Monday Night to compete with WWE Ratings isn't going to turn out well in the end. Agree or Disagree.

5. Batista is becoming more entertaining to watch as a heel. Agree or Disagree.

6. The concept of WWE NXT isn't amusing. Agree or Disagree.

7. The WWE Diva Division has been a complete mess and total joke since Trish retired at Unforgiven 2006 and Lita retired at Survivor Series 2006. Agree or Disagree.

8. TNA will regret letting Hulk Hogan have as much creative control as he does. Agree or Disagree.

9. AJ Styles turning heel isn't benefiting him in anyway. Agree or Disagree.

10. Nick's (myself) questions are boring and unoriginal. Agree or Disagree.

Simple reasons for each question would be nice, I don't expect a novel. I also don't agree with all my statements, just putting that out there.

WQ- At what age did you find professional wrestling most interesting and entertaining and why?


:O This is my 100th Question. Woo!

Update 2:

To clear something up, I meant the 10 questions I just asked were boring and unoriginial. Suppose I should have made that more clear?

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    1. Agree: Reason being is even with the career vs streak its still predictable in that taker is going to win, how many people have lost their career just to come back try MANY. Also this was just better as a onetime deal of renewing their rivalry from the 90s last year a return match just makes it seem like WWE is desperate and they don't want to take chances with anything new this year.

    2. See how I mentioned WWE was desperate great segway huh(yeah lame attempt at getting coolness points) But yeah I AGREE its desperate instead of trying to make their product better they are contempt with selling a sh!tty product as long as the fans tune into watch and people are tuning in because of the guesthost(not the IWC who complains but the casual fans who outnumber the IWC by a lot). Because WWE doesnt make a good product and they seem to know it and are contempt with it they just draw in fans this way which is stupid and desperate because the gimmick can only work for so long

    3. Disagree, HHH already had vinces loyalty and was already a major part of WWE before he married steph. The biggest reason for HHH's success is not his marriage its how he took the punishment for the MSG incident with class because he was the only one punished because nash and hall went to WCW and Vince doesn't punish his top guys. And it was really after that, that vince knew he could trust HHH and come on HHH is a good pro wrestler so his skills mixed with being a good company man is what got him to be successful not his marriage. He didn't marry steph till 2003 anyway and by that time Trips was already a full fledged main eventer.

    4. Disagree TNA was stuck with the same ratings at thursday for over 2 years they have nowhere to go but up. Yeah it got off to a rocky start last week but they wont get ratings overnight it will be a while before their ratings start going up, but they will. With moving to monday this has gave TNA more publicity and publicity is a good thing it gets their product out there and now with being on monday going up against RAW it makes them seem more on WWE's level to the casual fans who actually care about stupid things like ratings and how big the promotion is not really the quality of the product. So its a good thing for them not a bad

    5. Agree right now batista is doing the best of his career since he was rising up to a main eventer in late 2004 to early 2005. Also John Cena against Dave Batista is the only thing I'm interested in really with WWE right now and its building up to be one of the best things WWE has done in the past few years.

    6. I don't know which amusing you mean as in amusing entertaining or as in amusing haha its a joke but I think you mean the former not the latter so I agree. This concept isn't even new its tough enough 2.0 thats it instead of training them they are putting them into "introductory" matches thats the only thing different about it. Its become worse than the original tough enough and really they picked some sh!tty wrestlers IMO for it, not counting danielson(i hate WWE's name for him) as danielson is really one of the best in the world and WWE is just wasting his time and talent on NXT.

    7. The "divas" division in the WWE has always been a joke since they started it. Not to confuse this with the start of the womens division back when WWE was still WWWF but when in the mid 90s sable came along and it became the "divas" its always been an absolute joke its more about looks than in ring skills and most fans the casual fans consider this a bathroom break or the teenage boys super happy funtime material if you get what I'm saying. Even back when they had trish and lita it was still mostly a joke.

    8. Disagree I think as long as hogan doesn't book himself as a wrestler week after week after week it will be fine because he won't touch the title and Bischoff and Hogan did a good job back in WCW in the 90s, yeah it went downhill eventually but there was a lot more than hogan and bischoff to the reason that failed. Also this time around hogan and bischoff can learn from their mistakes in the past. Also I feel TNA has been better than what they were in 2008-2009.

    9. Agree, AJ is a babyface and always will be hes just not good as a heel and shouldn't be a heel anyway yeah its entertaining to see him with flair but they still could of kept him face for that.

    10. I'm going to agree just because I'm a *****.

    Congrats on the kid

    WQ: My age right now I am enjoying promotions like chikara PWG ROH and DGUSA more than I ever have any other promotion and I keep expanding my knowledge about pro wrestling everyday so it keeps getting better and better.

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  • Steve
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    1 decade ago

    1. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26 will not be as entertaining as their match at Wrestlemania 25. Disagree.

    2. Raw having Celebrity Guest Hosts each week is a desperate attempt for higher ratings and new viewers. Agree

    3. Triple H wouldn't be successful in the WWE if it weren't for his marriage to Stephanie McMahon. Agree .

    4. TNA moving their show to Monday Night to compete with WWE Ratings isn't going to turn out well in the end. Agree .

    5. Batista is becoming more entertaining to watch as a heel. Agree .

    6. The concept of WWE NXT isn't amusing. Agree .

    7. The WWE Diva Division has been a complete mess and total joke since Trish retired at Unforgiven 2006 and Lita retired at Survivor Series 2006. Agree

    8. TNA will regret letting Hulk Hogan have as much creative control as he does. Agree

    9. AJ Styles turning heel isn't benefiting him in anyway. Agree

    10. Nick's (myself) questions are boring and unoriginal. Who?

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  • meg09
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    1 decade ago

    1. Agree. I think everyone is going to expect this match to be as great as the one last year, and I think they're gonna be disappointed. HBK and Taker will be trying too hard this year to relive last year's moment.

    2. Agree. 100%. It's really obvious that WWE is just trying to bring people in who wouldn't usually watch wrestling.

    3. Disagree. I think HHH would be a success without his marriage to Stephanie. I just don't think he would be as big a success. But he definitely would have had some degree of success, just not 13 world titles.

    4. Agree. I think TNA made a huge mistake. They were barely getting ratings when they were on Thursdays, so I don't know what makes them think they'll get more by competing with WWE.

    5. Agree. He was getting really stale and boring as a face. He's still not all that entertaining, but it's definitely better than face Batista.

    6. Agree. There really isn't that much of a concept that's any different than the other brands.

    7. Agree. Completely. The diva division today is an embarassment to all of the women who paved the way for the divas to be there. It's ridiculous.

    8. Agree. Although I do think it's too soon to tell how he'll do in the long run, he hasn't had too many good ideas so far.

    9. Disagree. I think having him switch roles is a good way to keep him from getting stale and boring.

    10. Disagree. Sure, I've heard some of these questions before, but they certainly aren't boring.

    WQ: Probably when I was about 8. I still believed wrestling to be real at this point, and that made it more entertaining to me.

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  • D4L™
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    1 decade ago

    1) I'll disagree with this one. I doubt if they would book this match if they didn't have some sort of plan to elevate this match to higher standards than last year's match. Not only that, this year, there's more at stake, with either the Streak breaking or Shawn retiring so there's going to be more emotion in this match, which will draw the fans in. And I'm sure both Taker and Shawn will try their hardest to overcome last year

    2) Agree. They should just appoint a permanent GM, because these Guest Hosts aren't working, or at least that's my opinion. I mean, half of these Hosts don't know what they're doing, and they barely know anything about the business itself or the wrestlers. Some have been surprising good, but most haven't. Celebrities are being used to attract more people, because they're not doing anything to improve the show.

    3) Disagree. Triple H was already pretty successful before his marriage, and in my opinion, this is just a lame excuse that people use when they're trying to bash Triple H. All one really has to do is look at his reigns before the marriage, look at the star he was before the marriage, and they'll see that while it might have helped him somewhat, it's NOT the reason for all his success. Triple H can wrestle, and he has great mic skills, so he would have been successful whether he married Stephanie or not.

    4) Agree. TNA under Hogan is now focusing on storylines and shocking the viewers to get more ratings (which isn't working because of spoilers anyway). At least when they were on Thursdays, we could enjoy both shows that the promotions put on but they're trying to force everyone to choose one with this move to Mondays and the WWE's fanbase is in my opinion, too big and not going to switch.

    5) Eh. Sorta agree. He's better as a heel than a face, I'll give him that. But I liked him when he was a monster heel capable of plowing through anyone than yet another cowardly heel, like the one he's become.

    6) Agree. But it's not supposed to be amusing, is it? But I have to say, NXT is actually a pretty interesting show, and it's gathered a lot of attention, mostly positive, so I see it doing well in the future.

    7) Agree. While I couldn't pinpoint the exact date, the Divas Division is a joke. Most Divas can't really wrestle or be entertaining, they're mostly annoying/childish.

    8) Agree. Having Hogan in charge, TNA has taken a drastic turn from what got them on the map (their X Division, their style of wrestling, etc) and now it's all about Hogan and his buddies and like I mentioned before, trying to shock the viewers.

    9) Agree. Turning him heel was pointless. AJ Styles, besides being a phenomenal wrestler, was a babyface that actually got cheers rather than boos, and didn't get bashed on the internet - a rarity. So what exactly was the purpose of turning him heel? It was illogical and doesn't help him.

    10) Disagree. I wouldn't be answering this if it was boring =]

    WQ: When I first started watching. That's because everything was so new, so fresh, I was hooked and I loved it. I didn't care about backstage stuff, I didn't know about anything that happened. I just suspended my disbelief and enjoyed the show.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Disagree (I'm not sure yet, they will put on a hell of a match though)

    2. Agree (Yes, it needs to end soon)

    3. Disagree (No, that's just a way for people to try to take credibility away from HHH)

    4. Agree (Should have waited until after WM at least)

    5. Agree (On the mic he is, in ring not as much)

    6. Disagree (Could use some tweaking but it's not bad)

    7. Agree (Even back then it was a joke honestly)

    8. Agree (Most likely)

    9. Disagree (I think it makes his title run more entertaining)

    10. Disagree (Na it wasn't bad)

    WQ: I can't pick an age. Always loved it the same.

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  • 1. Disagree, the formula to this match adds more intrest.

    2. Agree

    3. I've seen this question so many times that I don't want to answer.

    4. Agree

    5. I'm not going to answer this because I'm also seen this question so many times.

    6. Only good thing about NXT is Daniel Bryan, and I don't think Bryan will have a bright future.

    7. The division has been a joke since Madusa left Wwf to Wcw back in 1995.

    8. Alittle bit between both here.

    9. Disagree, Tna is turning him into a Ric Flair copy. His promo these days are similar to when Ric Flair would cut a promo in the 90's(just abstract crazyness). Still the one of the hottest talents in Tna right now.

    10. Can't tell because I havn't seen much of your questions.

    WQ: During the time when Wwf and Wcw were grabbing each other throats.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Agree

    2. Agree

    3. Somewhere in the middle. I think he would have been successful but not nearly to the point that he is now.

    4. Way too soon to say-people need to give TNA a chance. WWE didnt catch up and beat WCW in their monday night wars in 1-2 weeks. It took many years of hard work. We will not be able to give a fair judgment on where TNA stands for at least 6 months.

    5. Agree

    6. Agree.

    7. Well-they are nice to look at and thats all i care about.

    8. Agree

    9. Disagree

    10. - well 99% of the time i ignore multiple questions but this one did catch my eye so i guess i disagree.

    WQ, ive watched for over 20 years-ive seen so much come and go its impossible for me to say for certain.

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  • .Rar
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    1 decade ago

    1-agree Well that's what i think,even though we know it could be HBK's last match and he would try harder than he usually does.But we already saw a great match last year,it's gonna be hard to satisfy the fans this year.The match will be entertaining but it wont top the one from last year.

    2-i kind of agree Its desesperate but well some of the hosts are good in my opinion,if only WWE didn't get random people from hollywood and would center on more wrestlers or at least people that have anything to do with sports.Even though i am a fan of some other people from there that have nothing to do with sports (freddie prinze,criss angel,etc)I think it should be based on former wrestlers.

    3-Disagree,as far as i know Paul shined in the WWF before his marriage with Stephanie Mcmahon,in fact he was supposed to get Stone Cold's push,that was way before the marriage,then he took the MSG incident punishment all by himself as the others fled to WCW.So either way Triple H would have been Successfull.Many haters only say that as an excuse to hate hunter.

    4-Agree,ok TNA people have said the never expected to win the wars that early,they said it would take them over 6 months minimum i think.But i dont really see TNA winning,i mean WWE already has experience on winning a War.And TNA isnt making too many different things from WCW.Just like in WCW back then,WCW's people like Benoit,Jericho and Eddie Guerrero went to WWF because WCW wasn't pushing them,instead they pushed WWF people.while TNA is pushing WWE people,wouldn't surprise me if some TNA originals fled.I'm not saying to WWE,but they can still leave probably.

    5-Agree,Ok batista isn't an entertaining wrestler,but as a face he just fails to get my attention,as a heel he look all tough and can seem a bit more entertaining than just defending face people and beating up random heels.I like how instead he sold out to the Boss for an opportunity at the WWE Title and destroyed Cena.

    6-Ok i dont know if i agree,because NXT as many people say is original,but i see it as a copy from the Ultimate Fighter,we know how many ratings Ultimate Fighter can get,but NXT doesn't really gain my attention at all,i like how the rookies are matched with mentors.It's ok,not too good not too bad.

    7-Yes i couldn't agree more with you,WWE has had Talented Divas and still has some right now (natalya,gail kim,katie lea).But WWE doesn't know how to use them,it seems like WWE thinks that Women Wrestlers are meant to just show off how sexy they are and that gains ratings.But in reality many fans want to see real wrestling not just some sexy girls trying to wrestle.

    8-Well i'm not sure about Dixie,but i'm gessing Jeff Jarret must be sad or something like that to see what happens to the promotion HE built from the ground,to the top.Die just like that,Hogan may bring ratings and all,but damn he's doing too many Unnecessary things.I think Shelley,Daniels and Sabin deserve more than what they are getting right now.

    9-Agree,it's not getting him no where,AJ Styles should be THE FACE of TNA,not a heel.It doesn't really make any sense in my opinion,about him being heel.He's just a great face.It's like if WWE turned Cena heel right now.It's just not right.

    10-lol Random,i'm not sure what you mean by Boring and Unoriginal,but if i didn't like them,i dont think i would be answering it.

    WQ-at like 7-10 i think,back when Brock Lesnar,Angle,Benoit and Taker had wars between each other,Los Guerreros were doing great things,Evolution dominating Raw,Shawn Michaels going against the odds,Y2J and Christian,Unamericans.Kane and Rob Van Dam as a duo.Trish Stratus and Lita (L).The Rock was still there,so was Austin.Hardcore Holly wanting to break Lesnar's neck.Dr of Thuganomics.Way too many reasons.Back then i was a little kid that enjoyed alot the beating Wrestlers gave to each other.So basically i was just a normal kid.hehe.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1.disagree-it could be even better

    2.agree-yes they need to end it

    3.disagree-he was already a top wwe star before his marriage with steph without it he might not have as many title reigns and backstage power but he would still been very succesful.

    4.Disagree it depends on TNA if they continue to put on a good product it will pay off in the long run.



    7.Yep basically with the exception of melina, beth pheniox and mickie james




    WQ: I was 6yrs old when i got interested i just remember seeing the undertaker come out on raw and he caught my attention he was wrestling mankind ive been watching ever since 1997

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  • 1 decade ago


    2.Agree times 10

    3.Agree kinda,he was still being pushed before.

    4.Agree,TNA is killing it,the only reason people watched before was because their were like 100 stars to debut,whos gonna watch it when their is no one debuting or nothing special going on,nobody,half their fans are bigger WWE fans than they are TNA

    5.Agree,I like his new look,lol.

    6.Disagree,**** I love it,maybe the concept is kinda lacking in the point of having mentors,but I like the point that we got the rookies and they are all so talented,and Daniel does something awesome each week.

    7.Agree,at 2006,diva division died,Lita and Trish were the heart of the woman's division

    8.Agree.Hulk sux balls and has way too much power,he has more power than the owner probably,and,hell a normal creative person wouldnt be allowed to say,"Hey im gay,and I dont like the ring shape,so lets go out and spend thousands of dollars on a square ring cause square rings are good and I like the squares"

    9.Agree,Ric is taking ALL his mic time.

    WQ:Most common answer is attitude era,but I like late 2003-about mid or 2/3 into 2004

    Around the time,they had awesome storylines,had different main events every ppv,I have No Mercy 2003{or is Survivor Series first}-Bad Blood 2004,and only ONE of the main events was the same in my memory,and that was Chris Benoit vs. Shawn vs. HHH,and besides that was a classic.None of it was stale,but it was always interesting then.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Agree

    2. Agree

    3. Disagree

    4. Neatural but more agree

    5. Agree

    6. Disagree

    7. Agree

    8. Agree 1000%

    9. Disagree

    10. Agree lol disagree

    I would explain a little more but I'm feeling a little sleepy.

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