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Do I have to have a bachelor's degree?

hi pplz

anyway, the only reason im in college is cuz my parents said mafeesh wa7da haterda beek w enta m3ak sanaweya bas (high school diploma, even though its from the US)

I don't wanna go to college, it's a waste of money and time, I just wanna get like a certificate or a two year degree or something and then start doing business and making money and doing practical stuff.

personally, I envision myself doing a two year degree (maybe even going back to the US) and coming back and starting a business (I have this part down, so don't worry about it)

what do you think?

if I am educated, high class, cultured, etc, does it matter that I don't have a four year degree? Do girls really care about this? If i get married/engaged she is she gonna 3ayerni/look down on me?

and dont tell me it depend on teh girl, i mean the general consensus

cuz i dont wanna go to college, but my parents are like no u have to go to college


thanks alottt

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  • Nono
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    is that ESD?

    ok look .. you have to understand that a HS diploma from the US is the same as sanawya 3amma! when you go to the girl's dad and tell him i have a high school diploma from the US, he will go like what is that? and once you tell him snawya 3amma .. its the same thing, he won't go like wow or anything.

    also you have to look at it from different perspectives. meaning, if you are planning to live in Egypt, you have to have a degree why? because ppl value YOU by the degree you have. you can be a doctor that does not know anything about medicine but ppl respect you just cuz of your degree.

    if you are planning to live in the US, ppl won't really care because lots of ppl quit after HS However if you are planning to marry an Egyptian girl, you have to understand that her parents (at least 80%) still have the Egyptian mentality. ^^

    if you are just worried about a girl accepting you. then it depends on her social class. would you mind marrying a girl with a higher educational degree than you? that's if you find one because most of the time her parents won't agree. if they agreed, she might look down on you one day. that means, you would have to limit choices when looking for a girl and accept a girl with a lower social level than you just cuz you do not want to get you higher education done. if you have a source of money, maybe they will accept but still their social level won't be high because they just care about money not level of education and mentality.

    you are 18 now + 4 years education = 22 years old

    then you can work anywhere (at a bank) save money and start your own business

    if you quit studying now.. do you really have enough money to start your own business or you are going to ask your parents for money. do you have any background about business and how to manage one?. what if economy turned to be worse than now and your business is ruined.. do you have a degree to work anywhere?

    you can come back here.. go to CC get your GE done and transfer to CSU .. their tuition is not as high as other univ. (like 3,000).. if your parents cannot afford that fafsa will pay most of it then you can take loans .. after you graduate you can work at any company.. save some money .. marry, start a business etc. etc.

    do not take a silly step now just cuz you feel bad or can't study anymore then regret it later.

    one more thing .. ask God to lead you .. give up all your burden to him and he will take care .. just have faith and believe

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  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    You get an Associates Degree in two years and a Bachelors Degree takes four. A BA is better than an AA. If you have a BS degree, that is the same amount of schooling as a BA, but it is in a different area. BA stands for Bachelor of Arts and a BS is Bachelor of Science.

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  • 1 decade ago

    what you envision and reality could be on different planets! you should strive to knuckle down and get on with the rest of your education, then do what ever you like. it is hard for parents to stand by and watch their kids ignore their advice.

    by the way my son has a high school american diploma with honours and it doesn't mean anything. so weak.Your SAT's are more important for entry

    The B.U.E (british uni cairo),is a strong and respected new uni and if you graduate from there you can work almost anywhere in the world,

    your parents are on your side whether you realise or not and all they are trying to do is guide you to the best opportunities, as for marriage no one will marry there beloved daughter to a looser ..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, you only need a degree if you care about things like enhancing your employability, doubling your income (according to studies), and upward mobility, i.e. getting promoted because you have better credentials than your competition. On the other hand, if a high-risk, low-return, dead-end job with odds of one in a thousand that you're ever going to be wealthy is your thing, especially during the worst global economic depression since the 1920s and with the added irony that you want to get married and have kids, I totally advise you not to get a degree.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you start doing business and you are making money, then the girl wont care if you have a degree or not.

    I think if you did a Bsc in Business managment or finance or economics which would be 4 years it would be good for you regardless.

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  • E.P
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    1 decade ago

    As long as it is a University degree...Nobody will care !

    Masr...Balad el Shahadat...

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