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Movies similar to "Disturbia" & "Rear Window"?

Do you know any movies that are similar to Disturbia and Rear Window? I've seen both the old (with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly) and new (Daryl Hannah and Christopher Reeves) version of Rear Window.

Any suggestions?

Thank Jew<3

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    The movie Body Double - by Brian DePalma is an homage to Hitchcock movies - and includes elements similar to Rear Window.

    Highly recommended.

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    No, it's not. According to the Internet Movie Database: "Is this film a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window? EditHistoryDelete The answer is No, not officially. However this film does have several differences between the storylines. This allowed them to bypass buying the original rights. The film also has quite a few similarities to The 'burbs (1989), an early Tom Hanks film. There is also a lot of resemblance with The Girl Next Door (2004) - a young boy spying on his newly moved in, extremely hot neighbor girl. Also some scenes seem to be almost exactly copied from this movie: the scene when Ashley, still wet after swimming in the pool, goes to Kale's house and he is accompanied by his friend, is almost the same as the one in 'The Girl Next Door' when Matthew is visited by all wet Danielle. There are also many similarities to the film Fright Night (1985), a comedic vampire film starring Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowall. DreamWorks Studio and Paramount Pictures have been accused of copyright infringement by the current owners of author Cornell Woolrich's short story, which inspired Hitchcock's 1954 classic thriller. In 2010, a federal judge dismissed the suit."

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    Perfect Stranger to me seems like Disturbia (Shia Labeouf?).

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    I can advise "The strangers" starring liv tyler. It is just wonderful to watch it has suspense, action and blood curdeling screams by Liv tyler. oh, listen carefully when the Bad Guys speak their words will send a chill running down your spine for days. happy whatching : )

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    Could you give more details?

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