IGCSE VS CBSE for Grade 6 Student - Native of South India.?

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My son is studying in Dubai in Grade 5 in CBSE syllabus. My friend suggests me to put him in IGCSE syllabus since it will be the future. How is the scope of IGCSE in India. We are ...show more
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I am studying IGCSE in India. As far as i know IGCSE is for 14 to 16 years old students.
IGCSE is not that hard except for english which is really hard.
After completing IGCSE he can get into any university in the world even OxFord Easily.
He should continue CBSE because it will be harder for him to switch from one board to another.
I have exprienced it.
Check the link below.


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  • Strawberry‚ô•Lover answered 4 years ago
    CBSE is mostly based on learning extra and over writting (sumtimes more than the question requires) it relys on making the students know more than they need , most of the stuff are not that necassory for his collage . IGCSE is based on summarised answers according to the question and nothing more, its not easy but it is in camparison.
    so CBSE is harder than IGCSE , if your planning that your son should study in india then i think its better to keep him CBSE so that he gets used to the syllabus, unless there are IGCSE collages, u'll save him from a lot of hard times learning just for the sake of learning MORE THAN he needs to know.
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