what were the marines issued in WWII?

what was the normal issued weapons and gear that a military foot solider was issued?


now i know what kind of weapons were used now i wonder what kind of gear they were issued.

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    The standard issue rifle for the Marines into 1943 was the M1903, M1903A1 and M1903A3 Springfield with M1905 bayonet. The M1 Garand did not fully re-equip the FMF until late 1943 and even then some Marines preferred the M1903. Most other weapons were fairly standard stuff as well. The .45 ACP M1911 pistol, the 0.30-cal Winchester M1 and M1A1 Carbine (which the Marines put to more use than the Army), the .45-cal Thomson sub-machine gun in M1928, M1 and M1A1 forms, the M1918 and M1918A1 Browning Automatic Rifle, Browning M1919A4 "light" and M1917A1 "heavy" machine guns, etc, etc, etc...

    The Marines also used some unique stuff like the M1941 Johnson semi-automatic rifle and Reising M50 and M55 sub-machine guns, none of which were particularly successful. The Marines also made some use of shotguns, particularly the Winchester M1897 and M12 pump action weapons. Shotguns were explicitly banned from issue in Europe by Eisenhower himself but the Marines found them handy in certain circumstances. The WWI-vintage Lewis light machine gun also saw use in the very early defensive battles of late 1941-early 1942.

    Infantry support weapons were the same as the army: M2 60mm and M1 81mm mortars, M1921 and M2 0.50-cal heavy machine guns, M1 and M9 "Bazooka's"M1, M1A1 and M2 flame throwers, M3A1 37mm anti-tank gun and during 1942 even the elderly 37mm M1916 "Putueax" trench gun.

    The M2A4 light tank saw action at Guadalcanal but was later replaced by the M3 and eventually the M5 series. The M4 medium tank, usually in M4A2 diesel form began to supplant light tanks by 1944.

    Personal kit would take more space than YA allows to describe but consisted essentially of khaki cotton field uniform with webbing and M1941 packs (some still had M1928 packs), ammunition belt, eating utensils (knife, fork, spoon and mess tin), canteen with cup and cover (2), first aid packet, poncho, shelter half with pole, steel helmet, gas mask, entrenching tool, floatation device, personal weapon, bayonet and scabbard and/or fighting knife, boots with leggins, etc...

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    Thompson sub machine guns, Springfield 1903 rifles, M1 Garand semi auto Rifles, M1 Carbine Rifle, BAR light machine gun, M1917 water cooled and M1919 air cooled 30 cal medium machine guns, Browning M2 air cooled .50 Caliber and another US weapon used a water cooled .50 cal heavy machine gun. Pineapple grenades, 75mm Howitzers, M4 Medium Tanks (often using Diesel GM 6046 engines) Stuart Tanks, P38, P39, P40, P48, Vaught Corsairs, Hell Cats, Brewster Buffalo, goony birds and many other aircraft. My list could go on and on. The main thing to point out is most of the equipment went into destroying the Nazi Party in Europe and what was left went to the Pacific. The Marines operated with the Navy so used a lot of Higgins and Alligator Landing craft vessels and other amphibious tools and vehicles like the Duck (Swimming deuce and a 1/2 truck) and Jeeps. Good luck anyway, Cheers John.P.S Most Marine vehicles run on Diesel fuel to simplify logistics with the US Navy. Check out the movies Thin Red Line, The Great Raid, The Pacific (about to come out, made by same people as Band of Brothers), Wind Talkers plus many more movies that deal with US Army and Marines, as well as using authentic weapons and vehicles (up to a point).

    Source(s): WW2 Historian, general knowledge and various sources.
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    The Marines are issued a new fighting knife/bayonet. It looks just like a type of k-bar, but it also attaches like a bayonet. If I remember it is made by Ontario knives. I cant remember the nomenclature. It has a tan grip with an EGA on it

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    first off, there were no 'foot soldiers' in the marine corps, ever.

    a marine is a marine, not a soldier.

    in the early days of the war you would see the M1903 springfield, the BAR, and the browning .30 caliber watercooled machinegun. once we got into the swing of things the M1 quickly made its way throughout the pacific theater, but not everyone had it at the beginning of the war.

    for a sidearm, officers and machinegunners carried the M1911 .45

    Source(s): active duty marine
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    M1 Garand and a 1911 and huge macho egos.

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