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Phrasal Verb

Can i have the meaning of these Phrasal Verb?


1.Break through

2.Break out

3.Break away

4.Break down


And the meaning of

Break into


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    1.Break through 衝破;突破

    a) If you break through a barrier, you succeed in forcing your way through it.

    b) If you break through, you achieve success even though there are difficulties and obstacles.

    c) When something that was previously hidden or could not be seen breaks through, it appears.

    2.Break out

    戰爭、打鬥等不愉快事件 ;突然開始;爆發

    a) If something such as war, fighting, or disease breaks out, it begins suddenly.

    b) If a prisoner breaks out of a prison, they escape from it.

    c) If you break out of a dull situation or routine, you manage to change it or escape from it.

    3.Break away 脫離

    a) If you break away from someone who is trying to hold you or catch you, you free yourself and run away.

    b) If you break away from something or someone that restricts you or controls you, you succeed in freeing yourself from them.

    4.Break down







    a) The telephone system has broken down.


    b) We (= the car) broke down on the freeway.


    c) Her health broke down under the pressure of work.


    d) He broke down and wept when he heard the news.


    5.Break into 闖入;打斷;突然...起來

    a) If someone breaks into a building, they get into it by force.

    b) If someone breaks into something they suddenly start doing it.

    c) For example if someone breaks into a run they suddenly start running, and if they break into song they suddenly start singing.

    d) If you break into a profession or area of business, especially one that is difficult to succeed in, you manage to have some success in it.

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    break through






    break out





    break away




    break down








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    1 decade ago make a way through something using force/to make new and important

    discoveries 突破 start suddenly 爆發 escape suddenly from somebody who is holding you or keeping you

    prisoner 逃脫 fail 失敗

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