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strategies on teaching English as second language in china?

I've been doing this case study on that specific subject matter, could u please help me improve or correct it. i taught grade 1..so this is what i did, subject matter:what do u do in the morning.approach: communicative learning teaching (CLT) strats: discussion (i asked the kidas first what they do in the morning to induce ideas from them) then i showed pics on those activities and they identify the actions; actions (i acted out each activity like i wash my face in d morning and they copy it; game (simon says...i did the action then they say it not do it then i said the action and they did it not say it); communication (roam around the room group by group,find a partner and ask "what do you do in the morning?" they answer it and ask back "how bout u?" ; song (related to it with actions); homework (draw what they do at night and write 1 sentence about it like "I watch TV at night." thanks a lot!!! :)

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    You seem to be doing fine.

    you can add to it card games (one word in two cards) for new words, and let students find their match (kids love it). the fastest to write on board wins.

    also, kids bring pics of their favorite pet, and show to class and let them tell about it (ex. I like birds. they are cute. they eat seeds...).

    one more, start a story on the board, and let each child continue one sentence (ex. Hi, today I woke up at....).

    all of these are for small kids who enjoy games and movement. Good Luck

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