Important EVENTS related to the Department of Defense?

I need about ten Events.


I guess I should have specified more when I posted this second question but I meant like really big events like the war in Iraq because the department of defense is a part of that and I need the date it happened.

Why am I not allowed to post a question twice? Maybe I just want more answers. And if I'm wasting your time please don't answer. Not being rude. Well thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.

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    Hey Bubbles. Are "fishing" on Yahoo Answers or is there a legitimate reason for the question? You asked this same question yesterday and you got the below for an answer. Please don't waste people's time who are trying to help folks that have a legitimate need for an answer.

    Following are Title 10, United States Code requirements:

    1. Submission of DoD and military budget to Congress

    2. Oversight of Operational Test and Evaluation of Military equipment performed by the four military Services under the Director Operational Test and Evaluation who reports to the Congress

    3. Oversight of military equipment procurement performed by each of the military Services

    4. Secretary of Defense is the Advisor to the President on military matters along with the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    5. Determines manpower requirements for each of the four military Services and submits same to the Congress for approval.

    6. Recommends approval to the Senate and President for military officer promotions based on the recommendation of the Service Secretaries (e.g. Secretary of the Navy for Marine Corps and Navy officer promotions)

    7. Allocates, budgets, provides oversight, and approves research and development programs for new technology that may be useable by the four military Services

    8. Budgets and provides management to the Joint Test and Evaluation Program that was created under the Director Operational Test and Evaluation for the development of Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (JTTPs) that lead to coordinated Joint Service (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force) operations and capabilities.

    9. Oversight of all military test ranges to include reporting to Congress on shortfalls and other requirements.

    10. As required by the Congress, recommends military bases that can be closed, consolidated, or relocated as part of the Base Realignment Commission process (BRAC) - infrequent, but still a Congressional money saving focus.

    11. The SecDef provides testimony to the Senate and House Intelligence committees regarding Defense Intelligence issues.

    12. Reports to the Congress regarding R&D, operational deployment and employment of anti-missile defense systems

    13. Reports to the Congress and provides testimony regarding nuclear weapons safety and deployment of nuclear defense weapon systems and capabilities.

    14. Responsible for developing and fielding command, control, communications, computer, intelligence (C4I) systems that are used on the modern battlefield

    15. There are many, many more Department of Defense requirements that have been imposed by Congress and Title 10, USC that the Secretary of Defense is responsible to perform with the associated reports, briefings, and Hill testimony.

    Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired. Total of 44 years working for the Dept of Defense (DOD). 27 Marine Corps and 17 directly for the Pentagon.

    EDIT: Thank you for the clarification; however, your question is still pretty broad. Apologize for coming on strong, but many people who use this site are not serious. Are you interested only in situations in which military force has been involved? When the DoD was created by Congress (was in 1947) - before 1947 it was the War Department? DoD and international joint exercises which are important DoD events? The list I provided are important DoD events as they apply to Congressional oversight. Would help to know purpose of the info to help focus answers to your needs.

    From a military perspective: Korean War (1951-53); Vietnam war (1963 - 75); Panama (1980s), Granada (1982/83 timeframe), USS Publeo seizure by N. Korea (1967/68), Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990/91), Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003 to now); Operation Enduring Freedom (Afganistan - current); USS Mayaguez (Cambodia); War on terror(since Beirut bombing). You can google for the dates.

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  • 10 years ago
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