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NY Giants fans? Who should we draft?

For a team that missed the playoffs, we don't have a lot of needs. We just need to stay healthy!

We upgraded at safety with Antrel Rolle, while not the best S in the NFL, he's an upgrade. If Kenny Phillips returns healthy, we can have one of the best S duos in the league because both Phillips and Rolle are interchangeable, they can both blitz, cover RB`s and TE's, and have great range. Its better having 2 pure cover safeties, than one cover safety and another SS that can only play the run.

but we need a MLB to replace Pierce. goff is good and a nice game vs the cowboys, but hes better suited for a 3-4. we might also want to replace canty, who i think, is a bust. he's a career underachiever with all the talent & athleticism in the world, but can't put it on the field. his only good game was against the cowboys.

maybe we should go OL round 1 and draft ahead of time so next year we don't have to hear "the giants desperately need a Tackle to replace mckenzie"? or draft c.j spiller? this is a very frustrating draft because theres so much talent, so little picks

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    1st- LB Rolando McClain

    2nd- CB Brandon Ghee

    3rd- DT Boo Robinson

    4th- OLB Greg Jones

    5th- ILB Joe Pawelek

    6th- C Matt Tenant

    7th- best available strong safety

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    I am not a Giants fan but, Sergio Kindle will probably be the best player available for them to draft if they are looking to fill a need at linebacker. Spiller will probably be gone at 14 when Seattle picks. Kindle looks like he will be a beast he is 6-3 at 250 pounds and his best 40 time was 4.57, which is scary fast for a guy his size and can play in 4-3 or 3-4. Charles Brown is probably the best OT that will be available at 15, but not worth spending the 15th pick on him. They will still be some good OT talent in some of the later rounds.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Copy this link and watch for number 2 in the video, it's a short video.

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    I'm not a Giants fan, but Sean Weatherspoon would probably be the best choice at 15 overall. Since they lost Fred Robbins and could lose Barry Cofield (I know his contract was up at the end of this year, I don't know if they reatained him or not) they could also use a DT like Brian Price, but Weatherspoon would probably be the best way to go in the first.

    In the second they should go after either Lamar Houston or Arthur Jones to shore up their d-line.

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    Offense is perfectly fine. They could try a running back in a later round if anything, but I think they just need people in the front line or a good corner. I honestly don't know about the draft and who will be available by then, but they need LB or front 4 help!

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    I think Spiller would be quite the change of pace behind Jacobs. Or someone like Rolando McClain would be a good addition at LB. I think Spiller and round one and someone like Brandon Spikes in 2 or 3 would be nice.

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  • im not a giants fan, but they need help on defense. they'll likely take rolando mcclain if he's available at 15. if not, they'll maybe take brian price or somethin. or maybe take Spiller then brandon spikes in the 2nd

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