Black mamba care questions?

hi i just came back from a reptile expo and my mom and dad said i might be able to get a black mamba for my bday. i am 14 so i think ill be able to handle it. I will handle it everyday to tame it to keep it from biting. so please just give a link to a site


ive had a few ball pythons that bit me a couple times but they were mean and i heard black mambas were nice. my mom said its ok.

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    It is no coincidence that the number of trolling/fake questions like this goes up every March break and summer vacation.

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    sweetie wow. i've been a snake owner for a long time. and i can honestly tell you that VERY few reptile experts would even own a black mamba. it is literally the most venomous snake in the world. it should NOT be kept as a pet, especially not by a 14 yr old whose parents obviously don't know anything about it either, because otherwise i can promise you they would have said NO WAY straight off. it is a naturally aggressive animal, and when venomous snakes are kept in captivity they are not to be held. they don't "warm up" to you the more you handle them like other pets do. the more you hold a venomous reptile the more risk you run of agitating it and getting bitten. and depending on your size black mamba venom can kill you in 10 to 15 minutes. so try getting a reptile more suitable for someone with your experience level, like a milk snake or ball python. the black mamba is for VERY experienced herp. experts and should definitely not be a kept as a children's pet! please don't be offended by this, but it seems that if you are interested enough in reptiles to attend an expo, you should definitely do a lot more research before you jump to conclusions like the very clearly uneducated one you made here.

    good luck :)

  • 1 decade ago Look... Black mambas are one of the most venomous snakes in the world, and can kill you in 30min These animals should be left to the experts. NO venomous reptile SHOULD EVER be handled casually. This is a horrible choice for you. You WILL be killed if you follow through with this. Also, to your parents, if this is a serious question, then you honestly have the worst parents in the world. Mambas are especially grumpy, once again I emphisize... You will be killed if you do this. It will be a horrible, painful death. Please read the wikipedia article. People like you will ruin the reptile hobby for the responsible owners like me and others. Also, venomous reptiles are often illegal and/or you need a license to own one. I honestly hope you don't do this. If your looking for a "cool" pet, get a ball python, or if you're looking for a larger snake, get a red-tail boa those get 12+. Those make great pets, you can hold them safely, and are usually very laid back. PLEASE don't get a mamba or venomous creature of anykind. You will ruin it for the responsible owners, we're having enough trouble keeping our harmless reptiles. These snakes cannot be tamed. If you manage to get ahold of one, you can pay the thousands of dollars, and you can find a breeder who will sell you one. I hope as you're suffocating on yourself, you'll regret ever getting such a deadly creatures.

    Source(s): Personal experince, a close friend of mine owns a reptile zoo w/ black and green mambas. Cobras, rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouth, and death adders.
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    There is no venomous snake business that could legally sell you a black mamba.

    These animals are not allowed at standard reptile expos only present at venomous reptile expos.

    With the number of undercover Fish & Wildlife officers present...not gonna' happen.

    Call Bill Haast in Punta Gorda Florida...speak to his wife Nancy, tell her your plan.

    Try a mexican black kingsnake....Nigritus-click on the site below and wait for the slide you'll see one.

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    i think ur parents are ill or u missunderstood them or they are expert exotic snake handlers. black mambas can kill u within mins. get a python or a garden snake please god do not get one of the worlds dealiest snakes untill u spend at least 10 years in some kinda deadly snake handling school or w.e even if ur 20 or 30 or 40 it dosent matter age dosent matter experiance dose so i will not give u any site for ur black mamba care thats just rediculous.

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    I don't think you would be able to care for it...

    Get a ball snake, or a children python.

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    hahhahah wow is this a joke

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