Has anyone ever heard of Aviad Cohen a Jewish Rapper?

Did his conversion to Christianity or through Jews for Jesus ruin his career? I can't find up to date info on him.


Thank you Boanerge that was an awesome link.

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    Uh, that guy is not a part of J4J or Messianic Judaism...ironically for his own antisemitic reasons. His own words:

    Date: September 8, 2008

    Program: Let's Talk Moshiach

    Host: Gil Burgos

    Guest: Aviad Cohen

    Topic: Messianic Judaism Exposed

    Is Messianic Judaism is a gateway to Orthodox Jewish Conversion? I, Aviad Cohen have spent the past few years picking up on these clues. I wish none of this was ever true, but it is. As a former Pharisee of 29 years and now a believer in Yeshua Messiah, it bewilders me to see how people are foresaking the Scriptures and turning to Talmudism and other witchcraft practices (Kabbalah candle lightings, wearing a "hex"agram which is also used in Fremasonry and other occult organizations, Talmudic Kippah wearing and milk/meat Talmudic laws and much more. Some people are being mislead by publications and organizations to never use the name Yahweh again and to call Him HaShem. That is outragious!

    Even worse, it's Pharisaic. Gentiles are supposed to follow the Noahide Laws?

    NO! Why are these wolves in sheeps clothing pushing Messianic Gentiles to abandon their faith, take on the Noahide Laws in order to become "more Jewish" and accepted by Messianic Pharisaic Jews? Why do they call themselves rabbis, when we have one Rabbi, Yeshua Messiah (Matthew 23:8)?

    Some people are listening to Pharisaic music online and then getting sucked in by the music and Jewish cult-ure and then convert to Orthodox Judaism. Beware of the Pharisaic pied pipers. You might have some of them in your CD collection.

    This is an insightful interview. And as for this topic of discussion, it is NOT an isolated case. This is happening right now. People in Messianic Judaism (especially Gentiles) are currently "finding their Jewish blood", are leaving Yeshua Messiah and then converting to Orthodox Judasim in the name of "connecting with their Jewishness." They don't want the Gospel. They want to speak yiddish and eat gefilte fish and enjoy a "warm Shabbos mean with chabbadnicks."

    Beyond that, many people in the Messianic Judasim movement do not have discernment and are projecting themselves in online social-networking websites

    (MySpace/Facebook/Youtube) as "just Jewish" and you can't tell the difference between them and a Jewish American Princess with a Jezebel harlotry spirit.

    The same go for the Messianic "Ahabs."

    Even some top leaders in Messianic Judasim are aware of some of these peculiar situations that are occuring, which seems to have gotten a bit out of hand.

    Can they address this and move the movement in the right direction away from Pharisaic Judaism and towards Yeshua Messiah and Torah? It might be too late.

    Do they want to address any of this? No. It's an avalanche of confusion and false doctrine, led by many wolves in sheeps clothing, and its tumbling straight down into hell. Either you grab hold of Yeshua Messiah and Yahweh's Torah and hop out and into a healthy fellowship with sound doctrine or you will be caught in the "matzoh ball avalanche mess."

    WE NEED TO BE SET-APART! We are not supposed to be trying to fit in with unsaved Jewish people and take on Pharisaic practices. That is not evangelism. That is assimilation! Assimilating to the identity of those who are aligned with the same practices of the Scribes and Pharisees who sentenced Yeshua Messiah to death and murdered the prophets. Any form of Judaism is STILL JUDAISM.

    Let's pray that people will WAKE UP and seek Yeshua instead of seeking "their Judaism." There is a reason that they call it their Judasim. Because it is a religion of man. They made it. They own it. As for the Truth, you just follow it or fall off the narrow path and into the wider path that leads to eternal destruction.

    As for "Lashon Hara" that is from the oral traditions of man (Pharisees).

    People in the movement told me to shut up about what I saw was really going on in the Todd Bentley false revival. They rebuked me and then emailed me a bit later to say they were sorry and that I was right. Some of you forget where I have come from. I know what all these forms of Judaism are and the road of destruction these sects lead people astray in. Funny, how the editor of Charisma called out everyone who was threatening and rebuking people who called out Todd Bentley's ministry.

    People were pushed to "not judge this move of God." Now they realize they had no discernment. Again, if your heart is not in the right place, you follow man's traditions, are involved in witchcraft - you will not have much discernment, if any at all. You will just feel puffed up. Match it up to the Scriptures. If someone starts justifying their traditions by certain things that are not in the Scriptures or if they are twisting Scripture to make it justify their Pharisaic traditions, you need to undertand the red flag there.

    Given that the guy does not even know who the Pharisees actually were and thinks that kabbalah is 'black magic', I seriously doubt if he was ever Jewish. The fact that the guy sounds desperate to come across as Jewish--releasing albums called '50 Sheckle' for 'Hebrew Homie Records' and saying that age 35 feels like 'refined Manischewitz wine'...it comes across as the pathetic cobbling together of a "Jewish image" like Messis are want to do. Is there evidence that he actually practiced Conservative Judaism, apart from his own words? He sounds like another Evangie opportunist, to me. Say what they want, and stupid people shell out for your 'ministry.'

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