How do you do cheats on Harvest Moon: Sunshine islands?!?

There's this money cheat that i really want to use (020DBEA0 3B9ACA00) but i have no idea how to do it...i don't get what your supposed to do so can someone just please explain to me how you do it? i'm already on my 5TH YEAR on harvest moon: sunshine islands (i know, it's really sad) and i've been having alot of trouble trying to earn money and finding sunstones. so PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :(

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    you are not sad your just confused about earing money

    now i dont know about the code but i do know how to get sunstones and earn money


    Ranch Island: Investigate the water pump windmill

    Lighthouse Island: Check the large, stone wall at the back

    Verdure Island: Check the bush between Chen's and Mirabelle's shop

    Sprout Island: The barrel at the bow (front) of Will's yacht

    Sprout Island: The well by Gannon's shop

    Harvest Sprite Island: Look at the back of the fence on the Harvest Sprite Island Field

    Mystic Islands: The bell in front of the church

    Mystic Islands: The left-side lamp post in front of the Witch Princess' house

    Mushroom Island: Check the base of the largest right-side mushroom

    Volcano Island: The lava flow next to the island's sign

    Animal Island: Check the water pond

    Link Island: On the bridge leading to Ranch Island, look at the left bridge post

    Greenhouse Island: The bush on the left edge of the island

    Rice Island: In the northeast corner, look at the right-most tree

    Tree Island: The bush in the southeast corner

    and also rasing your friends friendship level they will give you sunstones and if you raise Mirabelles friendship up you will get a sunstone and a horse

    these are some go on this webite (

    to get more sunstones

    Getting money is easy when you buy crops from chens chop plant them water them and stuff wait for them to grow and instead of selling them at chens shop ship them in the shipping ben outside your house, but you cant grow crops in the winter

    i hope this information helped!

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    4 years ago

    i visit advise HM: Sunshine Islands. you are able to not substitute the climate in Island of Happiness; that's what it incredibly is. Turning it off and restarting won't substitute it. moving around stylus-ultimate replaced into as quickly as complicated. It took diverse practice and wasted instruments to finally grasp getting stuff into the transport bin. basically getting via way of the morning interior the 1st 300 and sixty 5 days devoid of collapsing replaced into as quickly as a real undertaking. Triggering social gathering scenes in any HM game could be complicated, yet for me, Happiness was once brutal. persons will pass away in this game once you do no longer pay concentration to them. After 3 game years, I consequently provide up out of frustration. in my view, Sunshine Island is the better selection; evidently like the device defects are fastened. which you will desire to pass around and not using a stylus. gathering solar Stones to boost the Islands and produce greater persons to the island introduced somewhat greater beneficial project and intensity.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you dont, you go out and buy a better game.

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