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I've misplaced the default games (i.e. Pinball, Solitare), that the computer comes with. Where might they be?

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I have Microsoft if that helps.
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They are probably still installed, but the shortcuts are missing.

Right-click your desktop and click "Create New Shortcut". Use this for the location of the item:

If that works, you need to recreate the shortcuts. If you know how to copy files and folders, get the Games folder from a friends machines. It's in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs" Put it on a USB flash drive and then copy it to the same location on your machine.

Here are all of the locations
Freecell - "%SystemRoot%\system32\freecell.exe"
Hearts - "%SystemRoot%\system32\mshearts.exe"
Internet Backgammon - "C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\Windows\bckgzm.exe"
Internet Checkers - "C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\Windows\chkrzm.exe"
Internet Hearts - "C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\Windows\hrtzzm.exe"
Internet Reversi - "C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\Windows\Rvsezm.exe"
Internet Spades - "C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\Windows\shvlzm.exe"
Minesweeper - "%SystemRoot%\system32\winmine.exe"
Pinball - "C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Pinball\PINBALL.EXE"
Solitaire - "%SystemRoot%\system32\sol.exe"
Spider - "%SystemRoot%\system32\spider.exe"

You could get these all back by removing the games under Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Windows Components and then adding them back in again. But if you decide to do that, MAKE SURE you have the Windows CD available. It would be safer to just recreate the shortcuts. You should be able to speed things up by copying and pasting the locations from above.

Please take the time to let me know if this helps or not.
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  • S answered 5 years ago
    Go to control panel/add & remove programs. Click add and remove Windows programs.click accessories and utilities. Highlight accessories in the menu.Click details. Follow the instructions and you can have them again.


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  • I've misplaced the default games (i.e. Pinball, Solitare), that the computer comes with. Where might they be?
    I have Microsoft if that helps.
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