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In the movie 'Up in the Air', what did you think of Alex Goran (played by actress Vera Farmiga)?


Did you find her to be unethical and deplorable? She seemed fine at first - ambitious and career oriented just like Ryan Bingham (George Clooney's character). On their frequent business trips, they meet up to have lots of sex.

But later, we find out she's married with kids. I mean, what kind of person does this? This would mean that she deliberately took off her wedding ring when she was in that bar the first time she met Ryan. She's a total liar and a cheat. Ryan to his credit wasn't involved in any other intimate female relationship.

I realize both Ryan and Alex started out their sex-based relationship with the understanding that it was no strings attached. But, I think Alex acted way too promiscuous to be considered a likable character, regardless of how sexy and lovely she was. Here's a woman who is a wife and mother at home, and she's out there living a double life acting like a flusey - telling Ryan basically that she'll be his *** buddy and at one point to 'rub one out'.

I felt betrayed by her somewhat when we found out what she was all about - the image she projected of herself to Ryan was in total misalignment with who she really was back at her home in Chicago.

Do you agree? What did you think of the character Alex Goran?

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    I think she was mean, self-centered, exactly knowing what she wants, independent and pretty much the way how average people becomes when they have success.

    Yes, I agree with you. That was the first time I had sympathy for a tough guy like George Clooney. But, somehow I think she thought like it's okay to play around and hide things as long as it's not hurting anyone directly. It's okay for her to be the reason for someone to hurt as long as she didn't hurt anyone by herself. It's something that not over but even normal emotional person won't do.

    So... one thing is what I think about her is that you can't expect them to understand how you feel. And, I'm curious how caring she would be to her family? Forget about the husband but the kids... How much do they mean to her? Or she thinks she had to do something and she squized them out?

    Nice topic. I wish I could write this in a better English.

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