How can we help a child with leukemia currently living in Greece to receive treatment in US or elsewhere?

Hi all!

Do you know of any organizations I can contact that can help an 11 year old with leukemia receive a treatment abroad? At this point they have exhausted almost all options available in Greece. The Mom is desperate to try all that she can to save her child.

I am starting my research here in hopes that someone can point me in the right direction...

Thank you all for your help!

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  • april
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    1 decade ago
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    There is a Department of Hematology, University Hospital of Ioannina, and Medical School of Ioannina, in Ioannina, Greece.

    A child that is that sick could not travel 24 hours on a plane.

  • 1 decade ago

    Like what april said she shouldn't travel being that sick,however to answer your question the best hospital I can think of would be St.Judes.

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