I want to go to college out of state...what steps should I take to prepeare?

I live in Detroit Michigan right now but I'm planning on going to college in Los Angeles. I just found out about this school a few months ago and I've applied and got accepted. But the problem is my dad is saying "how are you gonna get to L.A?" Also my school doesn't have dorms so I'd have to get an appartment. I already filled out a FASFA and everything and I only have $300 saved in the bank right now. I work for a temp agency so jobs come and go and its hard to get hired in the area I live in. What do I do? What steps do I take? I also need scholarships...what are some real easy ones to get? Where do I go to get them? I'm so lost!!!!

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    I lived near LA and worked at many colleges in the area. I am wondering where you found a college in L.A. that does not have dorms. As soon as I wrote that, I thought of several. Someone said once that L.A. is a group of suburbs in search of a city. There are colleges all around these different cities that make up L.A. Housing in the L.A. area can be very expensive. Some that are less so are in the cities along the I-10 and I-210. Even out there you are talking somewhere around at least a thousand dollars a month. They will want at least another months rent to move in. An odd difference I found from where I lived before and now is that apartment complexes expected you to buy a refrigerator for the apartment rather than just have one supplied by the apartment.

    If you have friends that will let you stay with them while you find an apartment, that will be helpful. The Dean of Students office may be able to help you find a roommate. That roommate may let you come in on the lease or the two of you may want to find an apartment together.

    Source 1 is a link to a free website that will have you fill out a questionnaire that will link you to scholarships that specifically meet who you are. The questionnaire will ask you things like did you grandmother join the DAR and lose her middle finger in 1903. The best example of specific scholarships is one from David Letterman to his college for a communications major with a C average. Be sure to ask parents if any of your relatives were ever an Elk, a Mason or members of things like the DAR or civil associations like the Kiwanis Club.

    The Fastweb is completely free. I have known students to get thousands of dollars and a free trip to wherever the organization supporting her scholarship were holding their national meeting. There are some that require writing an essay.

    There are no easy scholarships, but, there are ones that are there. Fastweb matches you to them and writes the letter for you. You just follow directions. You will have to give them an email to send information to you. I do not think you ever have to worry about them selling your email to people selling things.

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    There aren't any easy scholarships to get, the competition is fierce. You are looking at student loans to cover the cost of living until you start working to support yourself. You will have to get your ticket (whether it be plane or train) well ahead of time, otherwise it will cost you a huge amount just to get there. Remember that for an apartment they will want a deposit, which will be generally the amount of a month of rent (plus your first months rent). So way more than $300. You will also have bills, food is about $150 a month on top of all of your utilities. You should reconsider going to school here. Maybe start out at a community college to get your gen eds out (you have to take them no matter where you go, so you might as well take them at a cheaper college or at home). The school is the biggest source of scholarship money. The deadline for a majority of scholarships has already passed, but there are some that have a later March deadline, so you have to get on it.

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