Is it better to book tours in Cairo in advance with an online company or wait until I arrive in Cairo?

Several sites allow you the convenience of booking these tours in advance including Expedia. This certainly provides the convenience of being pre-booked and paying the fee with a credit card (I would not consider any of the companies that want bank transfers). However, something makes me think that these prices are double what I can probably book once in Cairo. (examples are $65 to the pyramids, $40 to the pyramid light show, $65 for dinner cruise and $105 for a daytrip to Alexandria). These prices include pickup and return to my hotel and no meals. Any advice is helpful. Book online from home or wait?

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    it is better to book tours in Cairo in advance with your agent or an online company

    when you wait till you arrive in Cairo there might not be places to book .


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    Those tour guides have a negative and positive to them. The good thing about them is that you will have someone to take you around the city. Cairo is a huge city and is easy to get lost. But it is better to know someone who lives there. If you are a tourist people are going to rip you off big time. Everything you buy will be really expensive. The travel companies that are going to be taking you around are probably going to rip you off big time too. To just get into the pyramid is like 3 dollars or 15 Egyptian pounds. So it's really cheap. Taxi's can be really expensive for foreigners too but, I think it would be a little bit cheaper. Also you usually can find an Apartment you can rent out for way cheaper than a hotel, but then again these might be hard for you on your trip, and sometimes it's just better to pay a middle man. If you are good at traveling and think you can get around in a very big city like this one and be able to find a cheap apartment on your own (you probably would have to know some Arabic for this), then I would take your own way. If you don't think you can do that on your own and are scared of getting lost I would take a middle man to be safe. Some times it's best to just get somewhere and let someone else do the worrying for you.

    Source(s): My experience in Cairo
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    That's a real good question. I work in tourism and I'm thinking about this real problem for tourists coming to Egypt. I will tell you the best for you and the other side as I know all the details from both sides, and i wish you can have sometime to help me with your opinion to find a solution to this problem to make easy for tourists.

    The best way to have good prices and services, you book the tour before you arrive to Egypt and you know all the details you need. Payment to be made cash when you arrive.

    I know Expedia or many other non Egyptian companies may not do that unless you pay. You better do it through an Egyptian company to pay the real price of the tour. Any transaction made by credit is charged by the credit company and banks. It takes about 48 hours to be added to the account of the one who offer the service. The bank transfer takes longer time, but it's safer for bigger amounts (it's also charged high charges more than what you pay to make the transfer).

    The most important for tours in case it's not a group, is to book all details and confirm with your agent in Egypt. In case you can pay in advance for tours, that would be good as travel agencies pay to book cars or buses if they don't own. Also tour guides are freelancers in most cases that means they can be busy if not booked in advance. Hotels receive their payments in advance if it's not a charter trip or regular with the travel agent.

    Also you should know that tours cost can be very low in case of groups, because we have fixed costs like bus, tour guides and other costs which can be the same for 1 tourist or a group. If you are going alone not sharing in a bus with a group, the prices you mentioned is low compared to costs that I know.

    Good luck and you can send me if you need any help

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Cairo is one of many world's great megacities. As lovely because it is crazy, and as abundant with old finery since it is half dilapidated, Cairo tends to be a city that travellers love and hate in equivalent procedures so find out by which group you is likely to be with assistance from this place hotelbye . In Cairo you may find, beyond the current hubbub, a record that spans centuries. Packed with vigour, Cairo is wherever you actually get a feel for Egyptian road life and number trip to Egypt is total with no stay static in the town Arabs call Umm al-Dunya (The Mother of the World). The absolutely astonishing assortment of antiquities shown in Cairo's Egyptian Museum makes it one of many world's great museums and certainly a area for everybody's to visit.

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  • 4 years ago

    There are many companies, your nationality or where are you coming from can help more to recommend you one. With a group will cost you less and it'll be better to book everything early as possible with the company to get all the benefits of the group. The most important that companies offer you is accommodation prices with the right plan to move around, but you'll follow the tour program always and you can't change it. I don't like to mention names of the companies here, so just make simple search on line and you'll find many of them. Travco - Misr travel - NTS are trusted names.

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  • Balsam
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    1 decade ago

    Wise Heart gave a good answer.

    If you try to do it yourself you will lose much time and time is money as we all know.

    What appears to be expensive via a tourist aency will be be in fact less expensive and much less trouble for you.

    Hotels, guides and tickets are booked in advance by tourist agencies.

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