Looking for a job as a registered nurse in amsterdam. moved from the states.?

I was a registered nurse in the states and just moved to Amsterdam. Looking for suggestions how to get a job as an RN in amsterdam. Thank you for your time.

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    1 decade ago
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    Apply to hospitals, elderly homes, private clinics or bloodbanks, but all of these require a certain level of knowledge of the Dutch language. My advise will be start with the language. I assume you already have a work permit and you know that you'll probably need to go to school again.

    here are some websites of hospitals:

    www.amc.nl (teaching hospital)

    www.vumc.nl (teaching hospital)





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  • 3 years ago

    many times shifting to the place a job is takes some homework. there is not any assure which you will get a job there, so getting a job formerly shifting is prudent. There are components consisting of housing fees, climate variations (AZ is warm), relatives help systems, etc. vacationing is often a good thank you to start to work out in case you even like the section. great cities tend to have fewer jobs because of fact greater human beings gravitate there to discover paintings; at times the smaller components have greater opportunities. additionally too, be very careful while somebody tells you THEY make an somewhat hi sales-that's many times not the norm ($40 5 seems very hi to me and that i'm in CA).

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  • Orla C
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    1 decade ago

    You're a US citizen? How come you are already in the Netherlands? You will have to leave while your work permit is being processed, you do realise that?

    And you will need Dutch language skills also.

    Didn't really think that one through, did you?

    Good luck with it.

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