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Does Anyone Live In Lanzarote!?

I currently live in England, but i am really growing yo hate the place. Every morning i open the newspaper, another child has been abducted, raped or murdered. I was thinking of making a new start over in Lanzarote. I was wondering if anybody here lives there and tell me what it is like and give me any tips. Thanx.

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    Lanzarote is a small provincial place. The island is so small some people find it claustrophobic. Others seem to love it, even if not born there.

    I spent a few months there. Never again. Too small for me, nothing to do. If you absolutely want to live on the Canary Islands, you could try Tenerife or Gran Canaria. More opportunities to get a job/start a succesful businees, imo.

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    Why Lanzarote? Come to Cambodia, crimes like these are so common here that nobody writes about them anymore....

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