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Fast food making me feel ill?

Today all I have eaten is..

Qudoba- Steak queso burrito and soda

Calzone- Cheese and Buffalo chicken and soda

Now my stomach feels gassy, and I feel real nauseated. Dont think its a bug because I have no other symptoms. Do you think its just from all the fatty food? and how can i feel betteR?


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    Try drinking water next time you eat fast food. Fast food is bad enough without clogging up your digestive system with liquid sugar.

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    i am sure fatty food has caused this.i advice that u drink a cup of green tea.this will help flush out toxins or drink fruit salt dissolved in water..and do not eat too much will make u the same.........remember u are what u eat.!!

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    ive never eaten any of those things but sometimes greasy fried things bother my stomach, pepto or sumthin usually helps, if its all the time they have that otc prilosec

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    maybe you have heartburn

    try taking some Tums

    have some milk or yogurt

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