Does Affiliate marketing help In SEO to drive traffic?

Seo matters in driving traffic...So by doing Affiliate marketing of a product will make more traffic...So does this helps to get better ranking in SEO??

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    1 decade ago
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    You're doing it backwards. You're asking if doing affiliated marketing will help with SEO, but in actually you should be doing SEO to help you make money with Affiliated marketing. You can get SEO with meta tags and back links (not link shares) and good website content. It is then with that SEO that you get ranked higher in the search engines, which leads to more targeted traffic to your website. Then those extra visitors mean more success with your affiliated marketing programs, because there are more people coming to your site, clicking your links and hopefully buying something so you get your commission.

    SEO = Affiliated Marketing Success, not the other way around.

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    Either I have misunderstood your question, or you have badly presented it, or you have got the wrong end of the stick...

    This is how affiliate marketing works:

    You build a site around some products that you can earn commission from, you may then use PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your site in the hope that they will buy the products.

    The PPC traffic is not in the least related to SEO since you have effectively bought it...

    You may however also ensure that your site is Search Engine friendly through various (mostly fairly simple) SEO techniques. SEO brings you 'organic' traffic totally unrelated to your PPC campaign - however if you are gaining traffic through SEO - why do the PPC since SEO is free??

    You don't have a ranking in SEO, you have a ranking in SERPs (search engine rank position) and the ranking drives your traffic, the traffic doesn't drive your ranking.

    Alexa rankings are all about traffic, I'm not so sure that the search engines are very much concerned with traffic per se.

    SEO comes in two flavours:

    ON-PAGE: how you use keywords, tags and URLs in your content

    OFF-PAGE: backlinks that you have

    Traffic is a result of effective SEO, it is not usually considered a component of SEO

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    A free money printer while your at it would further simplify things. Those traffic generators are all questionable as to the chance of that traffic converting to sales, sending junk traffic to a store site that never converts to sales is not good for your reputation with the store, on the other hand, some forms of affiliate programs will pay those delivering a lot of buyers a bonus or higher pay rate. There are some services that offer samples of very questionable free traffic. Really you have to put in the effort, perhaps create a presence on a bunch of free social sites to help improve the search ranking of that affiliate web site.

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    Yes most of the affiliate links that you get to your product via your affiliate normally isnt SEO friendly because they have to put their tag within the link in order to get credit if someone clicks through from their site... Although there have been some Affiliate software that now has an SEO friendly option.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As long as some affiliates create links directly to your site, in their promo pages or published articles, those links should help your ranking.

    On the other hand. if affiliate links go through a management company, like clickbank, the search spiders will not find new links to your site and no backlink credits will be garnished.

    I may not be completely aware of what benefits your product name appearing on affiliate presell pages will indirectly have on search ranking.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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    My agree with Jakester

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