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I was doing some research about Rapid share and what does this mean?

And I noticed what do they mean by this.

A month later, Rapidshare stated on their website that "we will not spy out the files that our clients faithfully upload onto RapidShare, not now nor in future. We are against upload control and guarantee you that your files are safe with us and will not be opened by anyone else than yourself, unless you distribute the download link." [13]

Six global publishers have obtained an injunction against Swiss-based Rapidshare AG. Plaintiffs in the case were Bedford, Freeman and Worth Publishing Group, LLC a subsidiary of Macmillan; Cengage Learning Inc.; Elsevier Inc; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.; and Pearson Education, Inc. The judgment handed down by a German court in Hamburg on February 10, 2010, and effective on February 17, 2010, ordered Rapidshare to implement measures to prevent illegal file sharing of the 148 copyright-protected works cited in the lawsuit, which was filed on February 4, 2010. The court ruled that Rapidshare must monitor its site to ensure the copyrighted material is not being uploaded and prevent unauthorized access to the material by its users. The company will be subject to substantial fines for non-compliance.

QUESTION - The bottom one where it says 148 Cited Copyright works in lawsuit?

I'm glad they are taking these sites down.

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    there are hundreds of sites out there

    they all do the same as rapidshare

    you upload a file or photo and mark it for kids

    you can be done for child pornography if someone feels like reporting you

    so in the end no mater what happens online if you dont upload your safe!

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