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Who do you think has the best chance at an upset tommorow: Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, or Minnesota?

Georgia Tech surprised as the 7th seed in the ACC tournament beating North Carolina,upsetting #19 Maryland and beating NC State to face #4 Duke for the ACC title tommorow

Mississippi State upset Florida and #23 Vanderbilt to get to the SEC Championship against Kentucky

Big 10 7th seed Minnesota beat Penn State, upset #14 Michigan State and #7 Purdue to get the Big 10 Championship Game against #5 Ohio State

In order from best to worst which teams have the best shot at an upset?

BQ- Who wins the Atlantic 10 title: Richmond or Temple?

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    I think that Minnesota has the best chance to beat Ohio State. Then it would be Georgia Teach beating Duke, then Mississippi State beating Kentucky. Pretty much, yeah.


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    Greatest potential upset I would have to give to Georgia Tech. They all ready beat Duke this season and from the start besides maryland were pretty much the only other threat to Duke in the ACC tournament. When Georgia Tech comes to play they can make teams like Duke look bad (as seen earlier). Georgia Tech is a very aggressive basketball team.

    Ohio state I say has the next greatest potential of being upset. Minnesota does have some pretty big wins, perhaps not so much Penn State, but defeating Michigan State is big. I'm not so sure if them beating Purdue is completely amazing since one of their best starters was injured but nonetheless a win is a win. Ohio State will probably win.

    I don't know much about Mississippi State Basketball, but I do know Kentucky is going to get a one seed so I don't think Mississippi State has much chance for an upset. Once John Wall and Cousins gets going I think Kentucky will run with it.

    Temple or Richmond? That should be a very good game. Temple is playing hot right now, but Richmond has beaten them before. I'll give to temple with a 5 pt spread

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    1) Minnesota

    2) Georgia Tech

    3) Mississippi State

  • I think it's the Golden Gophers. They just seem really together at the moment, and even though they've played something like three games this past week, they aren't looking tired. Georgia Tech will struggle with Duke, and I just don't see Mississippi State getting it done.

    1. Minnesota

    2. Georgia Tech

    3. Mississippi State

    BQ: Temple

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    1) Im taking Duke, but I think Georgia Tech has the best shot at an upset out of the 3 you mentioned. Duke 78-76

    2) Kentucky wins 84-60, MsSt is outmatched here.

    3) Ohio State wants to go in to the tourney hot. 76-67

    BQ: The way Richmond is shooting the ball? Im taking the Spiders 67-62

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    Miss St



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    I got Georgia Tech. They're a good team with lots of talent. Gani Lawal will get the best of Kyle Singler.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The Bulldogs always surprise me. I'll go with them.

    1) MSST

    2) GT

    3) Minnesota

    Bq- Richmond

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    Mississippi State is the best team out of the three. UK is good, but they're beatable. Vandy almost did it, Tennessee did do it.

  • Alison
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    4 years ago


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