What do you need to buy at Copart.com?

I have a business license and tax ID. Will I be able to purchase cars with salvage titles?

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  • 10 years ago
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    If you buy a Copart auto in the UK the first thing you need is a LOT of courage.

    In my opinion, and I make clear it is a personal opinion, their UK auctions are the worst of their kind in the UK. UK legislation is not tough in this area like we are in USA, so the opportunity exists to exploit that. They are very careful not to actually misrepresent a car, (by basically telling you nothing except favorable pictures and sticking to 'Copart inhouse jargon') but you need to know a lot about autos to understand what the missing info really means. Other reputable such companies will show or tell you the VIN number for example, so you can check the TRUE history/background of the vehicle. In UK they not only hide that but when inspecting an auto they actually stop you if you try and write it down to check the car history.

    Copart UK is open to any member of the public due to loose UK legislation and many such people get badly burned as a result.

    Just because a USA biz is straight in the USA does not mean it does not exploit any and every loophole in the law in it's overseas operations.

    To say they are economical with UK sites information is the biggest understatement possible!!

    The fact that every single Copart 'outside worker' in the UK (we have met to date) will openly tell you they are looking to get another "less embarrassing" job than exploiting the public, or even ask you for a job if you are in the auto business pretty much tells the TRUTH about how the non office workers feel about the stunts they are asked to pull 'outside' on the cars.

    The drivers say they hold their breath when delivering cars which private idiots have bought as they get the sharp end when buyer sees purchase. But UK jobs are in short supply.......

    Just be grateful that you have trade only systems in place in USA and be very careful if you attend a non trade auction.

    Experienced UK buyers are dropping out in order to use the more open sites, but many overseas buyers use them from UK due to the weak pound.

    Strange thing is they only buy the cars with the greatest damage - for export to Poland to name but one country.

    That is not so strange if you know what a 'ringer' means in auto trading :-)

    Again, that is an opinion, not a statement of fact, but many auto traders and experienced breakers share that opinion!! They view the covert methods of making descriptions and withholding as much helfuul (safety wise) info as possible makes them suitable for true trade buyers only.

    Exploiting overseas laws, (entirely legally) would appear very lucrative from their figures!!

    It does not matter how big a company is, if they behave in this way (putting innocent private buyers lives at risk without proper damage explanations) then they deserve no respect or trust - regardless of how many billions their USA business may be worth in presumably selling legitimately to experienced traders.

    Source(s): I bought from autos Copart UK after they took over another similar UK company. (I very soon stopped when they replaced the former systems with their own!!)
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    You have to have dealer license to buy good title cars at auction. and you have to have a salvage license to buy salvage

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    Source(s): Car History Report http://VinNumberLookup.gelaf.info/?qZG4
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    Copart Uk Jobs

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