Getting a divorce in the military.. does spouse get any benefits?

My husband and I are young. I'm 18 and he's 21 and we've been married for over a year now but we are growing apart rather then together, which is expected when you get married at 17 and 20. He is in the Marine Corp so it's even harder. I'm sick of fighting and counseling hasn't worked. We both want out but I am worried because I am a full-time student and have no source of income other than him. I'm obviously going to move back home but as of now I have nowhere to go and no money. I need to stay in school or else I'll be working at McDonald's for the rest of my life. I can't work full-time and go to school full-time and even if I went part time for each I still wouldn't be able to afford anything. Any insight on some possibilities? Thank you.


To I am Loved- Thanks for nothing. Maybe you should have some regards for my feelings seeing as I am in the situation I'm in. At least I know I am a better person than you are at the end of the day.

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    You could join the military and earn your own benefits if you have to leave the marriage. Education is highly encouraged in the military. I don't know what field you are wanting but if you choose that coming in you get free training. When you get out of the military you will be educated and experienced. That will jump start your career. I have known a few spouses to join up and pick their interest.

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    Would you not get any kind of maintenance/alimony from him? I have no idea.

    With regard to work vs college, could you not do a course part time and work part time? I did my first degree for half a day a week and held down a full time job as well as raising 5 kids. I am sure that you can do as well as this. It is not as impossible as it sounds and many hundreds of thousands of women do this every year, juggling career aspirations and ambition with family life and/or jobs. I think that you are setting up a few unnecessary barriers, especially if you are also living at home! Look into going part time on the course, which will give you more time to do the assignments etc as well, and getting a job which may in fact enhance your course and be relevant to it in some way such that when you qualify they may take you on full time. First time jobs are hard to come by for graduates and so any open door is welcome. Good luck.

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    Hmm...feels like yet another "Gold Digger" have been given found out... as quickly as Divorced they're no longer qualified to apply those earnings's... to realize this is named Fraud and DOD comes down rather no longer elementary... additionally any reward used after date of Seperation/Divorce ought to be repaid...

  • this is what happen when kids don't listen to their parents, and think they should be treated as grown ups and rush to get married.

    You end up regretting the decision you made for the rest of your life.

    Marriage is not a joke and is to be taken seriously

    but to answer to your question: No once you are divorce, it is no longer the army's responsability to pay for your benefits.

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    you should both agree that you finish school and then see what happens.In the meantime agree not to fight and just be good friends to each other.

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    I think you should consult a professional.

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    I don't think so...

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