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I wanna die, I'm sick of life?

ok i know i wrote about that an hour ago but i wasn't planning on killing myself , i was just thinking about it but now im not sure "but i dont wanna do it" but maybe i should,

u know i use to always wonder why ppl write sometimes these stuff on yahoo answers and that it was stupid, but now i know why, it actually makes u feel better writting everything u feel to strangers

I hate my life i hate everything about my life and i believe that i should die and that the world is better off when I'm dead and that Im better of when im dead just for once in my life "sigh" i wanna ask for help im bored and sick of feeling like that all the time I NEED HELP i dunno why i feel this way but its killing me and i dunno if i can live any longer coz whatever this is it destroyed my life.

I’m losing my friend coz im so depressed all the time.

my mind can't stop thinking of " DEATH ,DEATH DEATH ,I SHOULD DIE ,KILL URSELF ,KILL URSELF ,DIE ,DIE ,DIE " and i actually feel like cutting my self alot .... and i wonder am i a psycho why cutting myself will make me feel better but many ppl do it all the time and its actually feels good!! why does it feel good?? isnt it weird...dont u all think its weird? that feeling pain and seeing blood rushing down ur skin feels good…i think its weird and hate that sth soo awful makes ppl and I feel good.

I don’t think I can live with being unhappy for no reason anymore

I wish I have the courage to kill myself but im scared of going to hell and i hate god for that.

I hate him for making me so unhappy ,I hate god for letting me go to hell if I killed myself and not letting me be with him, I hate god and I hate everyone in this world I sometimes I wish something really awful happens to me so I can have a reason for my unhappiness

I hate myself I hate everything about me I hate my personality I hate my face I hate my body I hate everything everything and I really wanna die im really thinking of ways to die and im really thinking of killing myself tomorrow or even now and I …I really dunno wat to do ,im really lost I have no one to turn to I cant go to therapy as much as I wish I can I cant go to my parents for help and my friends won’t understand as I said I don’t even understand how can they!

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    Um no Xhuddy, u can not change ur personality, its who you are. The most important thing in life is to ACCEPT who you are, but you dont have to accept depression. I had a friend once who i turned to when i was feeling REALLY down. dramatically down! i was contimplating suicide but i never even got the chance to tell him. when i started talking about how i felt and why i felt the way i did he turned to me and said, Ive got my own problems and my own depression, i dont need to worry about yours!!! it was the most heartbreaking thing i had ever had said to me but it made me realise one thing. U can not relly on others in ur life. i believe the only people you can trust are your close immediate family and a significant other (Tho the way the worlds going .......) Your parents would not react badly. Write down everything so its easier to talk ot them and you have something to work off, just like you said writing it down here is easy! Your parents may become scared, blame themselves but there priority would be to help you and put on a brave face for you and if there like a parent should be you would be their priority!

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    I can't say I know exactly what you're going through. I'm not you. I don't have your emotional experiences. I might not have anything in common with you. And each person handles things differently. What I can say is... it's okay to hate everything. It's okay to feel that pain. It's okay if you want to release the indescribable emotions that whirl in a huge blob like a scribble on a page in a form, be it cutting or something else. It's okay. But... don't let go. There's always a reason to hold on. Sometimes, the reason just hasn't come along yet. Maybe it's a cause that will fail without you. Or a new friend or other person who is also in need of a reason to hold on and will let go because you didn't waltz into their life like fate had planned because you went before your time. It's okay to hate and to hurt. So long as you always hold on... I'm not going to lie. It may never get better. But the best thing about hitting rock bottom is the only way left to go is up.

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  • 5 years ago

    Hang in there. We're all wanting something better in our lives. Even the most popular celebrities. And if we don't get that something, we are unhappy. It's very natural to feel that way. Everyone needs help. I'm telling you this because a while back, I was scared to ask for help. I just wasn't totally sure that I wanted to die, therefore I thought it was unimportant. Then without me realizing, it got worse and worse. So I did stick a knife through myself, it just didn't hit the spots where it would kill you. Yes, I was majorly injured but I didn't kill myself. Luckily my sister was there and she called 911 then my mother. All I'm saying is, it's not worth it! If you kill yourself then you will be treated worse than you're being treated now. Hell is sooo much worse than a bad life, I would know because the man who went to hell and back is a friend of my fathers. He told me and my dad a lot about the crap that happens there. I'm hoping you'll choose wisely about staying on earth, or leaving earth to a place worse.

    Thank you for reading,

    Natalie Parker💖

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    5 years ago

    I know how you actually feel. there are people in the world that don't know what it feels like to hurt in inside every single day, I cut when I am depressed all the time because inside has no chance of being more painful than you cutting yourself with a blade, I don't scar very easily so when so when like 5 or 6 months go by depending on how big of a cut it is and how deep its is, it will go away I cut because I know it's a temporary problem and it will go away not like the pain inside it's never gone when, it's always there. and you were right and feel better to talk about your problems with strangers. reason why it's easier to talk to strangers that don't know you because you don't want people that know you, think different of you. that was all a guess because that's how I feel.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    God made you for a reason. We want a person with your wonderful, funny, sunny, personality. You're amazing just the way you are. And life WILL get better! This is just a really hard time for you. I actually am a victim of suicide attempts. I have depression and anorexia and to be honest, it SUCKS! Cutting makes people feel good because they feel that they're nothing inside and releasing the blood is good because they're letting the bad out of them and they're a step closer to dying. There is no bad inside of you. It's internal happiness. If you're overwhelmed, brace yourself with ' oh well, whatever happens.. happens. If I get in trouble because of no project, that's fine. My parents won't care anyways.' Or, 'kids make fun of me.. I don't care anyways. I'm gonna let them be stupid and try to get to me. They're wasting time on me anyways, so they MUST care about me. I have an entire life in front of my eyes. All of these people answered because they care about you and don't want you to die. Without you, the world would be missing out on your personality.

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  • 5 years ago

    Don't kill yourself because you'll lose every opportunity you have

    in your life. It's natural, I get it. I am 20 years old and I'm been in much worse problems and feelings as you. You just have to try to ignore those things and just live life. I remember that I was in 8th grade and everyone just makes fun of me and just being plain fake to me. But did you know what I did? I ignored them and just imagine that they didn't exist. I also vent out my stress by talking to my Mom after school. It really helps. I don't want you to disappear, and I just met you here. I hope it's not to late to make a better life, my friend.

    • matison2 years agoReport

      I think that all the time.I hate my life as well.Things will get better.

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  • 10 years ago

    My ex boyfriend ruined my life completely and took all my friends away from me. I was distraught, so I sliced up my arms and legs, overdosed several times, crashed my car - I did everything I could to end it and came pretty close. But when I was in hospital I met someone and he'd been through a lot of horrible stuff too and we helped each other move on. It was such a random chance encounter and at first it meant nothing but over time things got better and I realised life really wasn't so hard or so bad.

    So many ppl I thought I'd lost came to visit me when I needed them, I really couldn't believe so many people cared about me!

    Now I've got my best friend and he's got a daughter - I've got everyone I need and I'm happy again. I still have bad days and off days -everyone does! But I've learned how to deal with them now. Bad stuff happens, it's a part of life, just forget about it and move on. Smile and enjoy what you can, do anything and everything you want to and never miss a moment of life. Life's a miracle, all you've gotta do is live it =) x

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      wonderful dear

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  • 5 years ago

    when i think of all years that are lying ahead of me i just want to go to sleep and never wake up again. Sometimes i think that i would like to wake up when things are better. When the world is **** and span clean. Thoroughly sterilised. When you can buy yourself a perfekt, shiny, new brain. When man has managed to build a time machine. But even then, I cant imagine that life might be worth living. Not even with new brain. Not even if i was someone else. Dont get me wrong, I love this world. I am just tired of life. I cant die. I dont wana die.. I dont see the point in dying but neither can i see the point in being alive. So i am just hanging on. Aimless, Planless, Clueless. Drifting from one day into the next.

  • 6 years ago

    Hi... i've been thinking of the same thing today.. i wanna die because i can't take it anymore... life seems so unfair in every way.. why did i have this problem over and over again? i've been depressed a lot.. living life with so many in doubt.... so many regrets.... where's my friends now? in times of problem, where are they? they are gone...they really are not true.... they will not help...i wanna die... i'm sorry if i want to end it sooner .... i tried to accept it all but it always repeat over and over again.. i'm not happy.... really not happy...

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  • 10 years ago

    I feel like I want to talk to you. I have some of your same problems, like when you said you hope something bad just happens to yourself. I find myself not buckling my seat belt on purpose because I don't care if something bad happens to myself. I don't feel so tragic about how depressed I am anymore, because I have become numb. I just don't care that I have fallen apart anymore. It's good because I'm not completely a mess crying and wanting to die constantly, but its bad because I have gotten stuck and nothing is going to change for the better until I make it. I can't make myself get the strength to change, because I don't care. But maybe if I had someone I could talk to that could relate to what I go through, what I feel, it would help me not feel so broken.

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  • 6 years ago

    I hate my life. Yeah sure, SOMETIMES people feel like this, but with my life its everyday i feel like this. Sometimes i feel that there's not enough supportive people in the world, well I actually don't think there's any...

    I just hate the way that people make me unhappy and they don't care for me. My sisters just think I'm one of those losers with no friends and they just treat me like I'm their servant that has a poor life!

    Now you're probably wondering Why do I want to DIE?! Well it's because I probably don't have a happy life like YOU do and because I'm not treated like I should be treated I mean like everybody cant be judged and we all should be HAPPY. It's like saying that the simpsons are yellow so I don't watch them! WHAT?!

    Yes, I may not be wealthy like some people are BUT I STILL DO HAVE A LIFE! No one really know am or what I like because they don't take the time to say something to me! But maybe someday in the Future things will start to look bright!

    Thank you....

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    • Leah5 years agoReport

      you did even answer this persons question? no one asked you to give a dumb summary of your depression on this page.

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