How do I make a band banner for my page?

I have a myspace for my music.

but I don't know how to make one of those little banners that have the html code underneath where people can add it to their profiles.

How do I make one?

I've been googleing it for like an hour and a half and all the ones I've tried out don't have the html part at the bottom.

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    You can probably do that with the textarea tag. I'm not sure exactly what you are after, so you will probably need to modify this:

    <p>Copy and paste the link below and add it to your profile:</p>

    <textarea rows="2" cols="50">&lt;a href=";Jose... Henderson Music&lt;/a&gt;</textarea>

    In the textarea tag place the code that you want your visitors to add to their profiles. You should replace < with &lt; and > with &gt;.

    For more on the textarea tag see:

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