Is there a FREE porn image and porn website blocker?

My husband is always going behind my back and constantly printing out ALOT of porn, and is always hiding it. I always end up finding it, and when I mention it to him, he completely denies it!! Obviously, it's him. He promised me he would only look at it with me, but it's the constant lying that really upsets me. I really NEED a content blocker! I don't have any money, so I need one that's free, blocks only the images and all websites, easily downloadable, discreet in the computer files, and one that only I can uninstall (preferably by password).

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    10 years ago
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    Why not just let him watch his porn? Would make life easier you know and he wouldn't need to lie. Obviously you don't mind the porn if you offered to watch it with him. To go behind your husbands back doing this is as bad as him going behind your back with the porn. Time to sit down and talk like adults perhaps. I watch porn videos (free ones) my b/f knows and I know he watches porn too. Nothing wrong with it is there really?

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    Have you thought about getting the type of service that records what is being viewed and done on your computer?? A blocker may even block sites you want to view because its certificate isn't clear. That way you can see what sites are being visited, when, and how and you do not have to worry about having issues getting into websites you actually want to visit.

    I am not sure if any are free, my sister uses one and says it is affordable and brings her peace of mind. She is married to a man who likes to look at porn and also has a teenage daughter. So, now she can see what they do when they go online.

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  • 10 years ago

    Even if your searches are well protected and you download apps for preventing bad sites, they're easily disabled. I think the best method would be to talk to your husband. Explain to him that it bothers you. Not only that, but you trying to stop him from doing this behind his back is only going to make matters worse--he's going to keep doing it, and probably want to more so because of you trying to stop him.

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    10 years ago

    you can install NetDog Porn Filter : on the computer, netdog blocks all porn quitely and automatically in the background when anyone's on the computer.

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    is this for business or personal?

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