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What do you really think about Kurds and kurdistan?

Right I will start off with a bit of info.. and yes am a kurd myself.

I just read through the questions regarding kurd, turkey, iraq and bla bla bla..

There are aroung 40 million kurds spread around the world, mostly in northern iraq, turkey and iran.

I will just start off by saying, I would never dare to step into any part of iraq as I fear for my life, however you can go to northern iraq (kurdistan) without fearing for your life.. which is why many of the well off arabs move into hotels in erbil. now something that cought my mind is that turks seem to think that if the kurds in northern iraq became its own nation, then the kurds in northern iraq will somehow deal with terriorists etc etc... NO, just no.. believe me the islamic kurds have thier own group and they were a candidate in the elections this year, but they lost becuase we know that religion plus goverment is never any good. also I personaly know many many christian and jewish kurds that live in north iraq, they have religious buildings (church) and the local tv channel puts on special tv shows every christmas.

I belive the main reason the KRG has not put enough pressure on weastern nations is due to economical fears, at the moment most of northen iraqs business is linked to turkey and arab nations aswell as iran.. if we seprated, we will be very limited to any resources from these countries.

Another reason would be, if we separated turkey will invade within a week guranteed and we all know that, and although PKK is regarted as terrorists, in my opinion thats wrong, there are almost 20 million kurds in turkey.. thats a lot of people, turks up to this day didnt give kurds any rights, such as speaking in their own language, wearing their clothes, and many more cultural issues. PKK fought back, think of it like this, your a man.. and your kids are being mistreated etc etc what do you do? seek revenge.. now put this into a bigger scalle.. PKK being the father.. and the kurds in turkey being the kids.. all their doing is pretecting their people. they may have gone wrong in the past, but I don't blame them.

I would like to know your views. and please don't start with pkk terrorist he kill me i no like, educational views only please!

If your wondering where north iraq is or want to see what it looks like, whatch the video below.

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This is the current goverment in north iraq

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    hi i am a kurd whos parents were born and raised in russia(yes there are kurds in russia)

    i think the west sees us as another semetic race but they dont realize that we are an aryan race

    i believe we are strongly related to armenians and georgians

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    Kurdistan isn't a city. nor is it a state. it particularly is an area the place the kurds make up the familiar public of the inhabitants. it particularly is especially located interior the north of iraq and massive aspects of jap turkey. There are additionally bits in Syria or maybe Iran. Who they are? i don't be conscious of. I in basic terms be conscious of one kurd, and he does not stay in kurdistan.

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    Jesus Christ himself would have turned to be a Muslim too, only if he had lived long enough to see the coming of the true Prophet Mohammad

    armenians must convert themselves to Islam, the only true religion of God

    only then their land will find peace

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