Congress of Vienna questions?

•Where was the meeting held?

•When did it take place?

•Why was the meeting held?

•Who was in charge of the gathering?

•What European powers were present?

•What did the congress seek to restore?

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    The Congress of Vienna was a conference of ambassadors of European states.

    • It was held in Vienna (thereby the name)

    • November, 1814 to June, 1815

    • The meeting was held in order to settle the many issues arising from the French Revolutionary Wars, the Napoleonic Wars, and the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire.

    • The Austrian statesman Klemens Wenzel von Metternich was in charge of the meeting

    • The core of the congres was these five countries: Austria, the UK, Russia, France, Prussia, representatives of each nation was pressent. Also these were a part of the conference: Norway/Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Switserland, the Papal state.

    • Stability and peace in Europe; redrawing the political borders of Europe and creating a treaty that ensured peace by all paries.

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