AC unit for camper intermittent?

I have a 97 Terry Travel Trailer when I turn on the thermostat to Auto Cool 90% of the time it will not work however if I turn it on On Cool 90% of the time it will work however the fan will stay on 100% of the time and the compressor will kick on and off as required. The question is does this sound like a thermostat problem or a Freon problem and if it is Freon what type of Freon does something of that age require? Thank you for any help you can give.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Ok so many people get confused that if you put the thermostat lower and lower the air gets colder and colder. Not true the cold air only gets so cold and it keeps running until the thermostat gets to the temperature its set at. If you open u the thermostat and see the silver mercury inside it that is what tells the Temperature and shuts the thermostat off now the reason this is all happening is cause it sounds like you have a bad compressor. if it turns on once in a while and it gets real cold when it does its not the freon and if it turns on and barely gets cold then all you need is to charge the system. But you can not do it. Sorry to say that buttheirr is a Pump you have to use to take out the moister from the line and current freon in the system and the pump is like 600 bucks and you cant buy one unless you have a A/C license. Only can be found at A/C departments. But all you need to do is call a refrigeration man and he can do it but be aware freon is not cheap. But if you just have to charge it up it will last longer then you will hahaha sorry but its the truth and it will last longer then me also and im 20

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  • 3 years ago

    it could have a secure practices close off that wont enable the compressor again on if the gadget is low on freon. examine the freon point and notice if its low. despite if this is upload freon and dye so u can see the place the leak is coming from. sturdy success

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