Who started the Democratic Party?

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    Technically it was James Madison & Thomas Jefferson, who founded it in opposition to Alexander Hamilton... but the party has been through so many transformations that it's hard to call it the same party.

    It was founded as an anti-Federalist party - which meant it stood for small government.

    Prior to the civil War, the Republican was the liberal, progressive party which tended to be more abolitionist than the Democrats. Both parties split during the war, and then shifted such that the republicans represented states rights and the democrats nationalism and abolition. Lincoln changed his party during his presidency from Republican to National Union (one of the transition parties that merged back into the Democratic party after his term).

    During the industrial revolution, the Democrats came to represent the conservative working class (both southern farmers and northern factory workers) and the republicans intellectuals and the wealthy.

    During FDR's term, the alliance between the southern farmers and northern workers broke down - largely over issues like racial integration - and the southern democrats broke off and joined the republicans, the intellectual/progressive republicans broke off and joined the democrats.

    That brings us to where we are:

    A Republican party whose ideology is small government with religious/dogmatic overtones. An unusual alliance between the urban ultra-wealthy, social-conservatives, and rural lower class.

    A Democracy party whose ideology is to make life better for its working class, even if it conflicts with the original intentions of 18th century thinkers. A mix of pragmatic workers and intellectuals with several different factions.

    Sorry for being so verbose. It's either Madison/Jefferson, Lincoln, or FDR/JFK... depending on your definition.

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    Who Started The Democratic Party

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    Who started the Democratic Party?

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  • Abraham Lincoln started the republican party, after the war the opposing party was made mostly by the KKK. in the south and south west as for as Kansas, witch is now known as the Democratic party, I forgot what they were called back then. Don't laugh at this look it up.

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    Karl Marx

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