Cable is not plugged into the network adapter?

My friend has moved her desktop pc to a different location in her house, since then she cannot access the internet and the message 'A cable is not plugged into the network adapter 'Local Area Connection'. She asked me to look at it, and as far as I can see everything is plugged into where it should be. She has a wireless router and is running Vista. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I apologise firstly for not being able to really specify things...Im not that good at computer talk but if you mean is it that computer that is connected to the wire router then yes it is

Update 2:

I meant wireless router..not wire..

Update 3:

I opened the network connection folder and it says 'The adapter is not connected'. Luckily it's my neighbours pc so I can check things quite quickly.

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    Depending on if this computer is running off of the actual wireless, it could be a simple setting within the Windows network settings.

    But if it is running a direct connection to the router, there could be a possibility that the computer's Ethernet port was damaged in the move, depending on if the cable was accidentally left in the port. That, or the cable itself is damaged. If you have another cable on hand, try that to diagnose your problem.

    But I'd be happy to provide more information about the wireless issue if you can supply me information of whether or not she is running wireless on this particular computer.

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    open network connections folder

    see if your adapted is disabled

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