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Jobs for 14/15 year old UK?

I am a 14 nearly 15 year old and i am wanting to start saving for a house and other things for when i am older. I need a job soonish, can anyone give any ideas and if you live in the Andover area and know of any, please could you let me know. Oh, and please dont mention paper rounds as i have had one before and that is not my idea of a decentish job.

Thanks for your job x

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    Sorry old son but that is all you can do . under UK law no company may employ you until you are 16 and have a NI number issued to you ,, Up to 16 you are in full time education and you are supported and maintained by your parents , At 16 you can get a job or continue your education,, college, Uni etc , if you wish ,, I also understand the 16 school leaving age will be raised to 17 and eventually 18 .. so no one can work till that age in years to come , good for you though to look to the future and wish you well ,

  • 10 years ago will give you job info and advice for your age. You can work from the age 13 and up but it is a big hassle - you and the employer have to get proper permission and you are both subject to alot of rules. My mum has a pub and employs a young 'pot washer' because he was a friend of a friend. My son worked as a 'glass and bottle' collector in the local social club at your age but again, he got the job through his friends already working there. Good luck. P.S. I am talking about kids in school and working in the evenings and weekends.

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