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What is the sexual difference between a circumcised and un-circumcised male?

I heard a rumor that a circumcised male can usually last longer in bed, due to him lacking the foreskin that carries alot of the major nerves. Is this true? Do circumcised men last longer?

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    I recently came across a folder I kept prior to my circumcision. In it was a copy of a 'To the Editor' letter published in June 2003 issue of Pediatrics. This is a professional medical journal. In that letter the author referred to a number of studies on adult circumcision that "... showed no adverse effects on sexual function, [21] and another study reported that 50% of men circumcised as adults believed that they had benefited from circumcision and that 62% were satisfied with the results. [22] These findings support earlier reports of improved sexual function in circumcised men [23] and more sexual satisfaction in female partners of circumcised men, [24] ..."

    [21] Collins S, Upshaw J, Rutchik S, Ohannessian C, Ortenberg J, Albertsen P. Effects of circumcision on male sexual function: Debunking a myth? J Urol. 2002;167:21112112

    [22] Fink KS, Carson CC, DeVellis RF. Adult circumcision outcomes study: effect on erectile function, penile sensitivity, sexual activity and satisfaction. J Urol. 2002;167:21132116

    [23] Laumann EO, Masi CM, Zuckerman EW. Circumcision in the United States. Prevalence, prophylactic effects, and sexual practice. JAMA 1997;277:10521057

    [24] Williamson ML, Williamson PS. Women's preferences for penile circumcision in sexual partners. J Sex Educ Ther. 1988 Fall/Winter;14:81

    In 1999 the American Academy of Pediatrics conducted a study that actually stated that circumcised males tended to have a more varied sex life and were less likely to suffer from some forms of sexual dysfunction.

    Although I do no have the medical source I recall another study that described the percentage of males who experience enhanced sex after a circumcision. I believe the stats were something in the rage of: 50% for improvement, 30% neutral and 20% for a diminished sexual experience. I suspect a lot of this has to do with the individuals attitude toward the procedure. If you go in with a negative or reluctant attitude the experience is probably going to be negative. If you feel you want it done then it will probably be positive. In my case I'm glad I had it done. Sex for me is a little better. I lost a little sensitivity but gained more in sensuality and I also last longer.

    Another medical study that relates to the before and after sexual experience is at:

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    No, that is myth. Most circumcised and natural men last about the same. However, some cut guys have premature ejaculation issues caused by the cut. The scar, the most sensitive part after the cut, can send wrong signals.

    There is so much myth and misinformation and wives tales. The few certain facts are:

    This cutting off of parts of the penis does certainly change the dynamics of the penis and does change sex (for both partners).

    This cutting off of parts of the penis takes away the persons CAPACITY for PLEASURE for life. A natural source of pleasure is what is removed. This surgery takes away the main male pleasure zones with about 20000 fine touch and stretch nerve endings AMPUTATED.

  • It's not just a loss of sensitivity, it's a loss of FEELING and PLEASURE.

    It has nothing to do with how long you last, you just get less feeling overall. That has nothing to do with when you climax, that just means you are going to have worse sex, with less pleasure, and weaker orgasms.

    There were as many nerves and sense receptors in your foreskin, as on ALL ten of your fingers put together.

    This is the way the penis was designed, the foreskin has a function. Circumcision is a horrible mutilation, and it will be looked back on as such a horrible cruelty, still being forced on around HALF of American males every day.

    Why just by the fact that he's born in America, rather than a more civilised country, mean he has to spend his first day being mutilated, undergoing horrible pain (as anaethesia is still not used in most circumcisions) on his first day of being alive.

    What psychological effects does that have? Babies can feel pain, and are in fact, extremely sensitive to it. What do all that scarring do to the brain? What are the long-term effects?

    Circumcision, the fraud of the 20th Century.

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    That was just that, a rumor. Circumcision removes a ton of sensitivity from the male, thus people connect that with lasting longer, however that's not true. Not being able to control ejaculation or orgasm has really nothing to do with sensitivity. It's about control, that's it. Circumcision makes it HARDER to reach orgasm, but it doesn't make it take longer. There is a difference. Uncircumcised the orgasm comes much more naturally and you don't have to force it or even really try. so it comes easier but not faster. In fact studies have shown circumcision greatly increases the chances of a man getting any sexual dysfunction esspecially premature ejaculation. Because the man has less nerve endings he will have less control, and therfore orgasm quicker.

    Uncircumcised men last longer and average than circumcised men.

    So really yes men lose a very substantial amount of sensitivity but it makes them not last as long or not have as much control.


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    Circumcised men have a different feeling during sex. Its not unpleasant, but its not a complete experience. As they get older, circumcised men, can have some trouble reaching orgasm, because not only have they had a lot of their nerve supply removed, but the glans, over time, will develop some degree of callous (keratinization) The men who last longer, are the men who decide to make sex a craft, and work at it, instead of letting their body take over and just giving in whenever. This doesn't matter if you are circumcised or intact. Its just practice.

    Oh..Steve X. stop harping on about this masturbating inside a woman bs. Is this your sentence of the fortnight? It makes no sense. Whether or not a man has foreskin or not, he is basically rubbing himself inside a vagina until he ejaculates. The difference is how it makes his female partner feel. An intact men feels soft (not his erection, but the actual penis) its pleasant and exciting

    Source(s): RN/family planning
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    No absolutes not this is just another one of those old wife tales myths and lies that the circumcises and circumcised want you to believe total rubbish more circumcised guys have trouble with premature ejaculation than Natural men

    it's a lot more complex than the amount of nerve endings

    from my own experience I have had 12 natural males and 3 circumcised and two of the circumcised where the fastest by a long way when it came to penetrative sex

    the natural male has much more control over when he has his orgasm than his sadly depleted counterpart.

    sorry total myth

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    A simple way of lasting longer in bed is to just relax your muscles more. Learn here

    Normally you'll find that your muscles get more and more tense as you approach orgasm. When you notice this happening just allow your muscles to relax again. By consciously relaxing your muscles you can delay orgasm by several minutes.

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    The difference is that a non-circumcised male has complete sexual sensitivity and function.

    Frequently, circumcision is a major cause of premature ejaculation. The neural and vascular damage of circumcision disrupts normal sensory feedback, and that makes many males incapable of controlling ejaculation.

    Circumcision is damage to the penis, and damaging a penis does not make it work better.

    Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


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