How do I convince my band director that we need to march a piccolo?

Our band is small, about 45 people. We have about 4 flutes counting me. I just learned to play the piccolo for concert season, and I am great at it. We need the woodwind sound a piccolo gives. My band director knows I can do it, but every time I ask him about it he is kind of dodgy. He says, "Well, the music doesn't call for a piccolo, but maybe we can write it in." He doesn't even have the music ordered!!! How do I convince him that we need to march the piccolo? Not just because I want to play it, but because we need the sound. By the way, our show is called "Aqua" by Gary P. Gilroy.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    John Phillip Sousa did. Always. Tell him that. The Stars and Stripes Forever isn't the same without one.

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