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A poem about writing a poem when you can't write a great poem. Comments please?

Why do so many people write

about cereal, and socks?

And birds in cages, birds in flight,

birds falling from flocks?

With wounded wing, the bird still sings;

as the true poet writes his way

through cages of self-doubt

and writer's block, he finds the words to say:

"Hey! I am still here- I'm not ashamed

to write a bit of mince!"

I learned that there is no 'perfect' poem,

and I've written better, ever since!

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    Do you think Pollack worried about spray patterns?

    I doubt Fontana measured his 'slices'.

    ee cummings inverted grammar while dining....

    there's always a reason, so


    write it.



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  • 10 years ago

    I had decided to give up poetising.

    To jack all this rhyming stuff in.

    I really had made my mind up

    When, I was driven once again to begin.

    I know what I write is just rubbish

    That it has not one iota of merit

    But something compulsively drives me

    Like a tread-milling, imprisoned ferret.

    Even when I've nothing to utter

    When inanities pour from my brain

    I still find myself compulsively trying

    To produce a perfect poem again.

    Perhaps, I'm like an old poseur

    Who performs when the fridge door's ajar

    I'm desperately seeking approval

    Look at me! I want to be a great star.

    (Oh to write a great poem - I should die a happy woman)

    But when genius was being given out I was unfortunately taking an unscheduled trip to the loo...the story of my life)

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    10 years ago

    I used to sit for hours and spin my wheels

    For sweet perfection and neglect life's sport

    But one does not exist, the other's short

    And in the final court there's no appeals.

    Are poets gods, all living saints who kneel

    Before the muse's altar and comport

    Themselves with solemn splendor; now I snort

    Because I know that picture isn't real.

    I have some dreams, but tempered as they are

    By observations publishers don't flock

    About my feet and hang on every word

    (And lesser ones than even me may mock)

    I'm reconciled my verse won't travel far,

    Though still from time to time it may be lured.

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    Writing, to poets like you is like a "get out of jail free" card to Monopoly players. Some are great ,others not so much.It's the sheer joy of doing it that matters. Think of all the people who were Forbidden to write or show their work throughout the ages! We are truly blessed to have that freedom.....and BTW,I dig your mince!

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  • 10 years ago

    some write what they feel

    some write what they think

    some write what they know

    some write what they see

    some write what they want

    some just write

    i personally see all writing from all writers as a good thing

    but i have noticed as in all walks of life there are those that bring the baggage of their own lives into the writing arena and i don't see anything positive in that...

    any writing should be a place to exchange thoughts ideas even journeys

    but alas one can dream

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    4 years ago

    I love the concept of it. Unfortunately, the length of the two parts (listing your body parts, and then re-listing them) takes away from the emphasis. People will get the idea you're trying to put across, try removing excess baggage. Also, weather is the condition outside, whether is comparing two things.

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    10 years ago

    I write about what comes to mind. When a rose - was the theme - I received a comment that said - "Gee, another rose poem". It was not another rose poem to me - and that is all that mattered ♥

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    Ha,ha...I like your poem. It's cute and says a lot at the same time. Nice.

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    I never know if it's gonna be a good one or a terrible one. I just write the first sentence & let it take me where it wants to go. lol

  • 10 years ago

    we write when were trapped

    what we want to feel

    serial then, heels that we dig


    it the emotion and the scene

    and well you def found

    your beat ;D

    true, true

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