Computer keeps shutting down/rebooting or giving me blue screen?

All of a sudden my computer has just started rebooting itself, or freezes or gives me the blue screen. I haven't installed anything, nor have I changed anything. I've run a complete virus scan, no problems. Done a disk check and cleaned all registry files, no problems there. The computer starts ok, works for up to 10 mins then does one of the 3 things above. I'm running vista ultimate 64bit, my system is a quad core 8gb ram. Can anyone help? Don't want to lose anything that's on my computer.

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  • Da Guy
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    10 years ago
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    You must turn off the

    Automatic Restart Option

    to view the

    Blue Screen error message details.

    To Disable the Automatic Restart Option

    see the info located here:

    Next time the Blue Screen error appears

    Write down the errors numbers

    You can find good information on

    Blue error messages at the following web sites

    More information in some what simple to

    understand terms can be found at:

    One of the best sites for


    Blue Screen Stop Errors

    can be found here :


  • 4 years ago

    Ok, that depends on how long the computer will stay on. If it stays on for exactly three minutes, you have BugBear, a virus that will shutdown the computer every three minutes. You need to find instructions on the internet to get rid of it. If its not that, shutdown the computer RIGHT AWAY and take it to a hardware computer place. My computer acted like that for a while, and then stopped working. A little 3 cent piece of plastic had broke, and i had to buy a hole new computer.

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