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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

What are my chances in getting into the University of Michigan?

Alright, I know that it would be tough to tell without examining me in depth, but I am just curious regarding my chances in getting into U of M... I have a 3.6 GPA coming from a well-known private high school in Detroit and got a 29 on my ACT. I am the vice president of our Model UN program at my high school and recently won an Oral Accommodation award at a national conference in Washington DC this past February. I also a first generation American with my family originating from Iraq. I plan on applying early decision to Michigan. I know how tough it would be for you to tell for sure, but what do you think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I went to the University of Michigan and I will tell you, they really look at the parts of the application that tell them who you are. Such as: a part of your life that made a difference in the way to handle pressure now...etc...those types of questions. They are the q&a that admissions looks at to decipher one potential student from another. So what I am getting at is really make those parts of the application shine and you will have no problem getting in. The rest is gravy (as they say). Your scores and GPA are certainly high enough that UofM would be glad to have you as part of their student body. Good luck! :-)

    Source(s): I graduated from UofM
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  • 3 years ago

    The college of Michigan attracts a ton of international pupils. the selection of Michigan is between the flaws that makes the faculty so super. i could say that based on your grades precise now, you have a exceptionally stable probability in stepping into. stable luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it's pretty great! Your GPA is not perfect, I would say. But you have achieved a lot of things in your life. And colleges like that stuff. Plus I know what it means to be a foreigner. I am the one.

    Source(s): my brain
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  • 1 decade ago

    Perhaps try to get another leadership position in another club, but I'd say your definitely in!

    Source(s): UM Freshman in the fall - go blue!
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