Hair Styles??? (sports involved)?

I am a gymnast, and my hair is long, I don't want my hair to be really short. I have medium length side bangs...which are not working out lol. I was thinking maybe side bangs above my eyes, or just grow everything out, and have it be regular. My hair is straight if that helps.

And also if you have any ideas on how I should have my hair for practice, I usually just do a pony but if you have any kool ideas then please let me know!! I appreciate this soo much, thank you!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    well ik alot about hair my sister is crazy about it and stuff but u can put it in a pony tail and if ur bangs fall out sometimes just turn prewrap into a headband to hold ur bangs=) also could do a bun if someone u like is there watchin u turn him on lol ik id be

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