Should I teach Feraligatr Superpower or Earthquake on Pokemon Platinum?

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    Let's compare the two: Earthquake has a base power of 100, versus Superpower's 120. Earthquake has 16 max PP, Superpower has 8 max PP. Superpower lowers Feraligatr's Attack and Defense stats one level each, Earthquake does not. Both give you super-effective moves against five types.

    The deal breaker is all in how you use Feraligatr. I'm assuming you want a sweeper, since you're giving it moves like Earthquake and Superpower, and also since it's really what Feraligatr was designed for. Easily the best sets for Feraligatr involve Swords Dance and Dragon Dance. That makes me think Superpower is a little counter-intuitive. Once you set up with Swords/Dragon Dance, you're going to want to stay in and sweep. Superpower requires you to either take another turn of set-up or switch out. And staying in to set up again is risky, since you just lowered your Defense.

    I'd go with Earthquake, seems like it'll do more for you.

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    Should I teach Feraligatr Superpower or Earthquake on Pokemon Platinum?

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    Good evening!

    You can use both of them on the same set if you are using a Choice Band set.

    But otherwise, Earthquake is the superior choice especially on the Dragon Dance set. Feraligatr tends to draw in electric types so if you can Dragon Dance on the switch-in, you can outspeed most Electric types (barring Electrode and Jolteon unless you are runnning Jolly) and KO them with Earthquake before they can use a Super effective Thunderbolt on you.

    The coverage provided by Superpower and Earthquake overlap each other. Superpower is good for Blissey but she's already taking a bucketload of damage from Waterfall (which most Feraligatr should learn). Besides, Superpower gets weaker and weaker and lowers your Defense stat making you wide open to Physical Threats like Leafeon, Venusaur, Sceptile, Hariyama, Hitmontop, and more. Superpower does do more to steel and ice types than Earthquake or Waterfall however.

    Hope this helps!

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    Superpower Pokemon

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  • Kirby
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    Why not both? A good move set for it would be ice punch/earthquake/superpower/waterfall. Although if you have to choose earthquake is more relyable.

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    Waterfall, no doubt. Feraligatr has a Sp Attack stat that is much lower than its Attack stat. Despite this, Hydro Cannon is so powerful that it will probably still do more damage. But not much more. Hydro Cannon's 90% is not bad but it's not as reliable as Waterfall's 100%. And the recharge turn can be extremely costly.

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    Earthquake ;D It's better

  • Anonymous
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    neither. those are both lame moves

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