Why would a 24 year old illegal be playing with fire & why wasn't he deported before for the drug charges?

An illegal immigrant with detainers from both Montgomery County Adult Probation and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was in court March 10 facing charges of felony arson and reckless endangerment after allegedly setting fire to his Royersford residence while an 8-year-old child was inside it, according to officials.

Parag D. Patel, 24, a resident of the 800 block of Walnut Street, Royersford, and a citizen of India, was charged with first-, second- and third-degree arson, dangerous burning, risking a catastrophe and recklessly endangering another person Feb. 24. Police allege Patel intentionally set the fire while a child was in the residence.

According to court papers, Royersford Officer Thomas Godin was on duty around 5:30 p.m. Feb. 24 parked in the 700 block of Main Street when he was approached by Patel. Godin said he knew Patel from prior contacts he had with him. Patel told Godin his gas can was on fire at his residence, and Godin immediately responded to Patel’s residence.Godin indicated in the affidavit that he asked Patel whether anyone was in the residence, and Patel indicated an 8-year-old child was inside.

Court papers indicate Godin was able to enter the residence and get the child out before fire officials arrived at the scene. Patel allegedly told police he was filling a snowblower on the property and the fire started as a result of his filling up the snowblower with fuel. However, Godin noted in the affidavit that Patel could not produce a snowblower at the scene and officers were unable to locate one.

Patel, according to court papers, allegedly told another officer he had lied about filling the snowblower because he was “playing with fire” and was afraid to tell the police the truth.

During Patel’s preliminary arraignment before District Judge Walter F. Gadzicki Wednesday, the charge of first-degree arson was dropped, however, Patel was arraigned on the remaining charges.

Patel was taken to Montgomery County Correctional Facility and is awaiting a formal arraignment scheduled for April 28.

Court records show Patel, a former manager of the Country Farms convenience store in the 700 block of Main Street, Royersford, was arrested in May 2009 after he admitted to selling marijuana pipes out of the store to an undercover detective.


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    Evidently they do not consider him a "dangerous criminal". That seems to be the ONLY criteria right now for deporting those here illegally.

    I wonder what they consider a "dangerous criminal"?

  • 10 years ago

    Why was Pastel playing with fire?--who knows maybe he was refilling his marijuana cigarette lighter, or maybe he`s a "firebug" and gets his kicks from watching fires...But him rising up to a manager of a store shows that this country is still a "land of opportunity", but it does check an employee applicant's background as it should...Why he has not been deported-having "rubbed shoulders" with police of his town before?..Maybe because it was "too much paper work" for the cops, or because India is much farther than Mexico...Maybe they should just stick him in with 100 other illegals from Mexico or Guatemala, hoping no one will notice the difference, and deport him there (saving taxpayers 1000`s of $$ in airfare.) and making it easier & less "paper work" for ICE.

  • 3 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

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