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I'll be honest, will you?

People need food -- and the government controls it all! Think about that! They have control on what you put into your body. They control how foods should taste to you.

Have you looked at labels lately? Do you see FDA (government agency) approved unnecessary additives such as: Aspartame, Monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial colorings and flavorings, BHA, BHT, yeast, yeast extract, caseinate, 'hydrogenized' ingredients, L-cysteine, 'proteins', 'seasonings', 'spices', cottonseed oil, canola oil, and the list goes on and on !

So you say, "what's wrong with these? Seasonings and spices sound okay. And the FDA approves of all these things - so what's the problem?" If 'spices' and 'seasonings' were really what the words indicate, there would be nothing wrong with it - - - but surprise! They are "cover" words for MSG when used in general terms like this. If they were really 'spices' and 'seasonings' as we would normally think of them to be, they would NOT be listed in these general terms; the spice or seasoning would be individually named, like salt, ginger, cinnamon, etc. - you get the picture.

By the way, MSG paves the way to Alzheimer's disease. It does permanent brain damage! Haven't you ever wondered why our kids today can't learn in school the way they use to, and why they have so many learning and behavioral problems today? [I'm not just saying this; this has been proven by extensive research !] This is why it is hidden under other terms, so YOU the public, won't know what you are unknowingly putting into your body !

Why you can't even buy a stick of gum or a can of soup without these poisons added to it!! All processed foods, cake mixes, crackers, bread, and even pet foods are loaded with these deadly killers! Aspartame is Nutra Sweet, and also causes brain dysfunction. Airplane pilots have been known to have brain seizures while flying, after drinking a can of diet soda!

Then there's the waste products, cottonseed oil and canola oil - neither of them meant for human consumption. They're cheap, that's why companies use them; but they are dangerous. They can cause stroke or heart attacks, since both oils cause the blood to become a sticky substance. That's like gumming up your car engine with glue, in place of good, clean oil.

These are not only unhealthy 'foods' but dangerous as well! Look at all the heart attacks that are now happening to the young people -- 17 year old boys dropping dead on the school basketball court! Teens' blood pressure today are that of 80 year olds!

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    I believe your question is: Are people deliberately poisoning our food and causing disease? The answer: Yes.

    I became deathly ill for several days. I felt like I had been poisoned. At the end of that period, I felt a burning sensation in my rectum. The next day, I noticed that I had lost, and apparently swallowed an amalgam filling that my body refused to digest. Shortly after that, I read an article about the dangerous effects of mercury in dental fillings. Years later, mercury (a heavy metal) was identified as the cause of birth defects, fish diets were limited, and mercury thermometers banished -- yet decades after that the ADA and insurance companies still encourage the use of amalgam through preferred payments and denial of any health risks.

    Although her parents lived into their 90's, my mother contracted colon cancer. After a renewed focus on a healthy lifestyle her cancer went into remission. Then the doctors started to treat her with chemotherapy again; several different versions. Each one made her worse, instead of better. So, they used ever increasingly radical means of killing both her cancerous cells and her healthy cells using ever stronger types and dosages of chemicals and radiation. Then, she died at a young sixty-six years of age -- from chemotherapy.

    I went back and researched the five-year survival rate (industry standard rule) for cancer patients with chemotherapy and compared it to the five-year survival rate for those without treatment. My paternal grandmother was right. Not only does this barbaric ritual still one's quality of life, it also shortens one's life more than if left alone.

    It is reminiscent of the cartoon my father was fond of when I was growing up. It shows a senior and junior pharmacist having a conversation as a medical prescription is being filled. The senior says to the junior, "No, not that much. This much is medicine. That much is poison."

    So it is that the professional institutions of medicine, pharmacology, government regulation (FDA), dentistry, and herbicide manufactures fulfill the prophecy that in our day "evil and aspiring men" will foist destruction upon innocent individuals for personal gain.

    Carcinogens have been purposely added to our food and water supply to prop up profits. Quick billable procedures dominate procedures that would cure patients and remove them from the insurance identified list of payable items and prevent long-term dependence on their practitioners. Lobbies, such as the ADA and AMA, suppress research and publication that counters established procedures or anything innovative that may threaten those practices. Lobbyists flow into and out of governmental regulating agencies back to the pharmaceutical companies that they are supposed to be regulating.

    This movie highlights on some of these problems, but goes further in identifying many of a long list of harmful chemicals that we are exposed to, which foods they are found in, how to avoid them, and how to restore our immune systems that they destroy.

    Watch this movie. Live long. Live healthy. Teach others the truth and dangers of our modern society. Encourage others to change their lifestyle and quit supporting these corrupt institutions.

    "This documentary follows the journey of Garrett Kroschel, an animal-loving teenager raised in Alaska who, after reading a book by Dr. Max Gerson, is inspired to investigate its premise that diet can cure cancer and other diseases. Garrett travels across the country, visiting with physicians, scientists and cancer survivors to discuss Gerson Therapy -- and Gerson's claim that the medical industry has suppressed natural cancer cures for years."

    Cast: Charlotte Gerson, Garrett Kroschel, Howard Straus Director: Steve Kroschel Genres: Documentary, Science and Nature Documentaries, Healthy Living, Mind & Body This movie is: Heartfelt Format: DVD and streaming (streaming available until 3/17/2010 at Netflix)

    Source(s): The Beautiful Truth, 2008. NR, 92 minutes
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    acceptance to the fact that you cant change it is a start. however there is always a flip side to the coin. you may not be able to save the world but you can produce very small splendors of your own. try a small garden organic in your window sill. it may not give you the satisfaction of saving all the children but at least you know you did your own part in starting a small crack in the way things are with your own personal health. if you already are doing that then you can tell others but accept it however they take it. you are judgemental to one side of the coin. there is ALWAYS two sides to everything

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    I kept a mirror in front of me and loudly read the question. There was some echo which I could hear.

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    You don't have to buy and eat processed food if you don't want to.

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    Yes, and have you heard of the danger of DHMO? Many people die from it every year.

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    You put this in the wrong section. It should go in "Food", or "Government" or "Insane Conspiracy Theories".

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    omg, rant much?

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