How do you steam foods to make baby food?

OK... lol... so I'm not exactly a great cook. I try not to whenever possible. I am going to make my own baby food and know you have to steam a lot of things. How do you steam foods? I want a way to do it at home without having to buy one of those expensive baby food steamers. All advice is appreciated. :-)


Also, how long does baby food last if I freeze them? I have a freezer in my refrigerator (duh) and also a deep freezer.

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    Ziplock has these new zip and steam can just put the vegetables or fruits in a bag and microwave it for a few minutes and it's steamed.

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    Go to Target or Walmart. Look where they have all the kitchen drawer gadgets. There is a petal shaped thing with a bunch of holes called a steamer. It is adjustable so will fit many pots. Costs a couple of bucks. Put water in the bottom of your pan, place the steamer thing. Put a layer of vegetables on top. Now heat the water until it is simmering and steaming. Put the cover on and check every so often how soft the veggies are. As soon as they are completely soft, they are done.

    You can also steam vegetables in the microwave. I use a Corning 1 quart casserole. I add about 1/2 cup of water and a layer of vegetables. Then heat on high for 5 or 6 minutes. Carefully check how done they are and whether you have enough water. Then, nuk some more. Remove. All that steam makes it easy to clean the microwave now as well, so I do that while the veggies are cooling.

    Don't use plastic bags. Heat breaks down plastics and you don't want your baby eating that. I won't use the teflon steamers for the same reason.

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    I assume you have a stove top. put veggies in a stock pot or a sauce pan and put a few tablespoons to a half a cup of water in it (depending on how much you're making and how big your pan is -- you want about a quarter of an inch to a half inch or so of water on the bottom). bring that water up to a boil. put veggies in and cover the top and bring it down to a simmer. you'll see steam coming up when you lift the cover. some things take longer and some things take more water (if there's not enough water your veggies will burn). I've never had a steamer myself, use this method. if you look at frozen vegetables, there should be stove top preparation directions on the back of them. get a few bags of things and just practice to see what the differences are between things.

    you can get a steamer for about 10$ or just a metal colander that will fit over the lip of your pan. then the veggies are not touching the water and you're not boiling them (that's the problem when you add too much water with my method). the steam from the boiling water will cook the veggies that you place in the steamer. if you don't add a lot of water though, the steam will rise and fall on the veggies in a regular pot without a steamer.

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    Cut up the vegetables, place them in a steamer (like another user said, available at walmart, dollar stores, etc.) over water, steam until soft. Or, you can get microwave steamers--do the same, just follow the directions with the steamer for the microwave. Do NOT add seasonings! When the foods are steamed, you will have to mask or puree them (blender works great) and refrigerate them, warming them before you feed the baby with them. Make sure you know which foods to start at which ages as that is very important to forestall allergies and the like.

    PS If you're like me, you may be safer using the microwave steaming method--I would get involved in something else and let the pan boil dry--not a good thing! LOL

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    You either buy an electric steamer (they're wonderful) or you buy a metal steamer basket at the store (under five bucks). You throw in enough water until just before it comes through the bottom of the basket (you'll see) and put the lid on. Let the water boil, throw in your veggies, and let them steam--broccoli and cauliflower take around ten minutes, edamame takes 5, beans, peas, etc usually take about 5. Carrots take 10 or 15. Just fork them to find out how soft they are. You can also buy veggie steamers in the frozen section of the grocery store and those are fine, too. Just make sure they get mashed and cooled appropriately for your baby's needs.

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    You can buy little steamer baskets in any kitchen supply store or department. They run about $8. Put the food in the basket, set it in a pot of boiling water, and steam (checking that it doesn't boil dry) until the food is tender.

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    "one of those expensive baby food steamers"

    God knows what those are, but you can get a basic electric countertop steamer for perhaps $20. Throw in water, put veg in the basket, turn on, come back when you hear the 'ping.' Quite simple and, around here, anyway, a useful use of counter space.

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    just put some veggies in a metal collinder/strainer (be careful it will get very hot) and put over some boiling water in a pan. They will soon soften.

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