On A BRADY BUNCH Episode Of GH, Who Would By Your Choice Of The Main Characters ...?

Mike Brady -- Sonny Corinthos

Carol Martin Brady -- Alexis Davis

Greg Brady -- Dante Falconeri

Peter Brady -- Michael Corinthos III

Bobby Brady -- Morgan Stone Corinthos

Marcia Martin Brady -- Sam McCall

Jan Martin Brady -- Kristina Corinthos Davis

Cindy Martin Brady -- Molly Lansing Davis

Alice Nelson -- Claudia Zacchara

Sam Franklin -- Max Giambetti

Cousin Oliver -- Cameron Webber


And for a TRUly "F'ed-up" version ...

Mike -- Jasper "Jax" Jacks

Carol -- Carly Corinthos Jacks

Marcia -- Sam McCall

Jan -- Robin Scorpio Drake

Cindy -- Elizabeth Webber Spencer

Greg -- Kiefer Bauer

Peter -- Michael Corinthos III

Bobby -- Morgan Stone Corinthos

Alice Nelson -- either Claudia Zacchara or Faith Roscoe

Sam Franklin -- Franco

[think "Hand That Rocks The Cradle" with these two, lol!]

Cousin Oliver -- Spencer Cassadine

Notice: In THIS version, Carly plays mother to all the females she usually hates on, Michael's and Morgan's worst nightmare has come true by Kiefer being their brother, and Jax has somehow got his claws into Nikolas' son Spencer ... again!


Epiphany Johnson could also play Alice, or even Anna Devane or Filomena Soltini; can you also see this one:

Jason Morgan as Mike, Courtney Matthews or Sam McCall as Carol, and Maxie and Georgie Jones as two of the kids?

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    Mike Brady: Luke Spencer (his worst nightmare)

    Carol Brady: Tracy Quartermaine Spencer

    Marcia: Carly Corinthos Jacks

    Jan: Lulu Spencer

    Cindy: Maxie Jones

    Greg: Ethan Lovett

    Peter: Patrick Drake

    Bobby: Matt Hunter

    Alice: Helena Cassadine (her worst nightmare)

    Sam: Coleman

    Cousin Oliver: Nikolas Cassadine (no one wants cousin Oliver around)

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    You really have a lot of time on your hands...

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